The Animated Actor

YOU ARE NOT A SPECTATOR observing and interacting with the world around you, a victim vulnerable to the sufferings and the fleeting joys that life presents – ‘You’ are the world, the suffering and the joy! You’re not ‘having’ a life experience at all, you ‘are’ the life experience itself.

That’s hard to come to terms with because you are so close to your invented self, your ego, that you cannot see past it. When you look in the mirror, you know that the person you see there, changes as time goes by, but the awareness that is observing your reflection does not. It remains the same ‘self-awareness’ as when you were a child.

This observer that is looking at you in the mirror is the experiencer. You are only the conduit, the physical persona through which this observer, experiences life. The problem with understanding this is, you are not who you ‘think’ you are.

The intellectual person you think you are, that is all wrapped up in a physical body, with a name and a life story accumulated from the time you were born is part and parcel of the life drama. You are the story, the animated actor that is making the experience possible.

You have no real control over the direction of your life, although you may think you do. Life happens for a purpose, one that you cannot ever understand whilst your life drama is unfolding. Once you understand this, all your demands, your desires that your life be this way or that way ceases.

You’ll learn to accept life unconditionally, exactly as it is, good or bad, happy or sad, loving or hateful. Whatever life presents, you have trust. You accept it as it is, whether it’s a positive or negative experience.

You!… All wrapped up in your body and identifying with all of this, your life’s drama is the experience of one, single physical lifetime. The real YOU is safe, loved and cherished. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of your life…

Header: Morning run, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. The Assigned Mission before You is to Optimize and Uniquely Share Your Loving Kindness placing You “On The Road to WORTHY”!

    Check with Saint Peter for verification that there is only room enough “On The Otherside” for Fully Optimized Self ESSENCES! everything else is “To Be” left behind!

    May Freedom, Human GOODNESS and The Rule of Law Prevail! 🖐

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