The Human Experience


REMEMBER THAT RIGHT NOW we’re not here to just have ‘a human experience.’ We’re here to evolve and redesign the human experience, helping humanity remember what we’re truly capable of, and that what we accept as ‘everyday life’ is just a made-up game that is incredibly risky.

Like children in the playground, during our life experience, we imagine games of all sorts and for them to make any sense, there must be Robbers as well as Cops, Indians as well as Cowboys, bad guys as well as good or the game has no point. It doesn’t make any sense.

In this game of life there has to be by necessity, bad people as well as good, poor people as well as rich, sick people as well as healthy, so we can experience the positive/negative contrasts of being human. In this school of life, we advance by solving the inherent problems.

And we advance more when in the midst of conflict… when we’re frustrated, angry or scared, and when suddenly we realise we have a choice to react differently than the way we have reacted in the past, and when we do, that’s when we grow. That’s when we get a glimpse of what life’s really all about. There’s freedom when we understand that truth.

We stop striving so hard. We breathe more deeply, we relax and let ourselves become that which we truly are… the infinite game player. Understand that no matter where you are, no matter what the challenges or difficulties, no matter how low your resources are, there will always be another play.

There’s one fundamental rule and when it truly sinks in, you’ll find yourself always the winner. It’s not about some finite accomplishment. It’s not finding inner peace and staying there. It’s realizing your journey is continually unfolding… and never ending.

We are Eternal Spiritual Beings having a human experience. While here experiencing physical life, our aim is to learn and improve and redesign the human experience. Ah! If you only knew the truth, but you can’t you see, that would spoil the surprise at the end…

 Dan’s Quote: “Be careful what your mind is thinking, because your body is listening.”


Header: Snow covered fields, Ben Lomond New South Wales, Australia

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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