How Long Will It Take?

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HOW MANY more terrorist attacks does our world have to endure before mankind learns the lessons that they hold? How long before it sinks through our dumb caveman mentality that we are all connected, that we are all the One Humanity, that we can’t harm others without equally harming ourselves?

Yes it is shocking that so many innocent victims die in these acts of terrorism, but if we stopped for just a moment and looked within ourselves, we would realize that these calamities are caused by our own ignorance. It is mankind’s collective unconsciousness that causes all of us humans to be irrational, erratic and nonsensical.

Disasters like 9/11 are an outright unconscionable act of terrorism, no doubt about that, but as Osama Bin Laden and his mob mindlessly carried out this despicable act, we on our side of the fence, mindlessly reacted with retaliation against a spurious enemy resulting in the killing of a lot more innocent victims. As a result, both sides suffered terribly, and still are.

If all so called terrorists had the maturity and conscious awareness to stand back and look within themselves at their motives before carrying out their devastating acts, they would not have committed them, but they don’t.

We just love to blame someone else for the wrongs of the world for we can’t come to terms with the fact that we are the ones causing it all – you and me – Osama Bin laden was not a tyrant, the only tyrant is the ego and the ego is an illusion. Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and all the other despots in history are only us in a different guise.

Change the way you think about other people instead of automatically judging them. Do that consciously whenever you come into contact with another person, whether face to face or in the media.

Be aware that you are instantly putting every person into little boxes labelled ‘Good ‘ ‘Bad’ ‘Terrorist’ ‘Infidel’ – the list goes on – while they are doing the same to you…

Dan’s Quote: “The person that angers you, is only you in another disguise.”


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