Mind WorX1 OUR REACTIONS to the negative confrontations that occur in our daily lives, even if we only hear or see it in the media is mostly always robotic. We instantly respond from one of our many ingrained negative emotions. It could be fear, anger, rage, frustration, indignation.

In other words, when we are provoked by a negative event that we don’t like, our response is always automatic and completely unconscious. When we are made aware of an act of terrorism. We automatically blame someone else that we judge to be the enemy, even though we are far removed from the circumstances surrounding that event.

Our judgments are unconscious, based primarily on what other people tell us, usually by biased news reports. 

When a terrorist act occurs, the people from our side of the fence blame the people on the other side of the fence that we have judged as being our enemy, a Muslim, the Taliban, the Arabs or any person who wears say a Burqa or Turban or simply dresses differently to us, or who has different religious beliefs.

In other words any person, who maybe lives in our neighbourhood and is quite innocent of any act of terrorism whatsoever, whom we self righteously judge as being unlike us and therefore maybe a threat to our safety and wellbeing.

On the other hand, while we are busy judging them, the people on the other side of the fence are busy blaming us, who they class as being Infidels and the enemy of Islam and the Koran or whatever – people who they deem as being different than them.

All of this biased, one sided judging, compartmentalizing and condemning of our fellow man is being carried out equally on both sides of the fence without stopping for a moment and becoming aware of what’s going on in our bigoted minds.

Everyone of us, on both sides of the fence, are unconsciously blaming each other while maintaining our own prejudiced self righteous innocence – but the truth of the matter is when any such negative act occurs there is equal blame on both sides…

Dan’s Quote: ” Leave the problems of the world to the problem makers.”


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