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LOOKING at it logically, if this lifetime is it, the one time, one go at it, why bother? What would be the point of it? They say that, like with other animals, the survival of our species is only instinct – our inborn urge to survive, to suffer the ravages of sickness and disease maybe and the ups and downs of life in general before we descend forever into the depths of oblivion and our kids take over.

What a load of bullshit! If that was the case, once we kicked the bucket, what would it matter what happens on earth? We are forever unaware. We are not in control anymore. Our progeny, who follow us could very well blow up the entire planet for all we know causing the extinction of not only our species but the rest of life as well and what would it matter to us. We are oblivious remember! We are not anymore.

Our experience of life, logically must have a point to it, a reason. To have a onetime go at life and then no more simply does not make any sense. We might as well forget all about progress and just whoop it up for the little time we are here if that was the case. That is not intelligent by any means – but the universe is.

The way that our Mind WorX is in two parts. One is the ego, the driver behind the wheel and the other, although not a physical part of the brain – there is the intelligence controlling the overall operation – our eternal true self, or soul.

The brain is not the mind so much as a part of the body, the grey ‘matter,’ sometimes called the ‘habitual mind’ which belongs to and is the abode of the ego, the person we think we are. When the body dies, the brain and the ego die too – by the way, that to the ego is a terrifying thought.

So really, total oblivion is preferable to the ego rather than have our true self/soul continue on regardless after life while the egos existence ends in oblivion – for the ego desperately wants eternity too…

Dan’s Quote: “We are only visitors, returning to this world each lifetime
to learn more about who we truly are.” 


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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