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NOTHING can change in the spiritual domain in which God eternally exists, for there is no-thing there to change. God is not anywhere, at any time, for he does not exist in time and space. God is invisible, formless, intelligence energy that is everywhere yet nowhere.

In his essence, he is pure love, joy and peace. Thus he is eternally at peace within himself. But occasionally God wishes to reacquaint himself with being a finite form. Why? There is nothing else better for him to do. So he plays a game with himself.

And that’s where we come in. We are not playing God’s game, we are an essential part of the game, like chess pieces if you will. We are God in disguise, who, for the duration of the game, has purposely forgotten who he really is, whilst he is disguised as us and everything else.

We are the key. As the most intelligent of the species, it is us who must evolve and as a consequence God can then physically evolve. With free will, a gift God gave to himself at the beginning of the game, we all have the opportunity to seek for answers, wake up and fulfill God’s wish, which is the reason for playing the game.

Most of us will remain oblivious of God’s plan, but it only needs a few of us, like you and I to seek the truth and eventually it will pay off, spreading to our fellow man. (the one lighted candle effect) Eventually, as our species evolves, mankind will be advanced enough to be able to handle the truth that we are really God in disguise.

Once we have done our job, God can then, through us, play his game while remaining fully conscious of who he really is and as a consequence, we can all consciously join in and play hide and seek together as God in disguise.

Once the game is over, the world will end and God will resume his eternal rest, where he is at total peace with himself in a realm of love, joy and peace. Then there is a stirring within him, a curiosity to learn and experience more about himself in physical form – and then the game begins anew…

Dan’s Quote: “We are spiritual beings experiencing a temporary human experience.”

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