The Library 4


HARKING back to our librarian, should she ever dare venture outside of her library, she would find herself in a very strange place, a place where she has never been before. No longer having access to her trusted reference books of the past, she would feel very vulnerable, exposed and in danger.

If our local librarian really was like this, we would explain to her that with a little bit of courage she would find that the outside world is a safe and exciting place to be. Taking her hand we would then gently coax her to remain outside in the light, but she would recoil in terror, rushing madly back inside to the safety of her books of the past.

That sounds like a rather insane scenario but that’s exactly how the majority of us live our daily lives. The ego is our mental librarian and, believing we are the ego, we confine ourselves to our mind’s dark interior where everything is familiar, safe and known.

Our ego, like our body, has a use-bye date. At some time or other, we all must experience our own physical death, no matter how much we eat healthy and exercise, no matter how much of a fortune we accrue or how many life insurance policies we hold, our ego, with our body will cease to be – and this thought terrifies the ego.

People who have near death experiences often comment that at the point of death their whole lifetime flashes before their eyes – every living memory, every event, every high, every low and every emotion, passes in front of their eyes in fast motion.

What is happening as their physical death approaches is their ego is being dragged forward from its lair at the back of the library, passing by the records that hold the complete memories of their lifetime from birth onwards as it is convulsed forwards towards the light outside the library.

For those people who have returned from near death experiences to tell their tale, their ego has been strong enough to overcome those forces, and freeing itself, has scampered back into the depths of the library and the safety of the past…

Dan’s Quote: “As humans, we will never experience the truth about ourselves
_____________ until we take that leap of faith into the unknown.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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