The Library 3

a-headerOUTSIDE of our ego’s library is outside of our mind. We have never been ‘out of our mind’ and as long as we believe we are our ego, the person we think we are, we will never take that momentous, life changing step. Why? Because outside of our mind everything is new, fresh and dynamic – and very, very scary, because it is unknown.

We have nothing to reference it against. There are no records for newness. When faced with the unknown, we are made vulnerable. We falsely believe that newness will hurt us somehow, or maybe we won’t even exist ‘out there’ anymore. Anything could happen to us and we wouldn’t be prepared to protect ourselves.

We cannot defend ourselves against something we don’t know and understand and we can never know or understand anything that is new. Newness is something that has never happened before obviously, so we would feel very unsafe and insecure.

It’s like as if the librarian at our local library believed that reality existed only within the walls of the library and nothing existed outside of it. No matter how many times we tell her not to be silly, that there is a wonderful, exciting world out there just waiting for her to explore, she hasn’t got the courage to step outside.

While she has access to all those old books about what happened in the past, she feels safe and secure. If something does occur that she doesn’t quite understand, she is not worried for she has her trusty reference library close at hand.

By categorizing the new event, she can then file it under similar, known events of the past that she does understand, or even if a little unusual, she can make it fit so it conforms to what she already knows.

We are the same as that librarian, imprisoned within the walls of our own mind, believing we are the incessant thinker between our ears, misinterpreting the outside world through eyes dimly. While we live our lives that way we will remain too fearful to ever risk the newness of living in the present moment…

Dan’s Quote: “We appear to be locked in a mental prison,
______________but if we had the courage to turn towards the light,
______________we would find the door wide open.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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