ALTHOUGH each and every dimension is a cloned copy of the other, variations are endlessly occurring, caused by the infinite possibilities of nature and the universe itself, and because of free will, which allows the finite living forms, including us, that exist simultaneously on every dimension to make infinite choices throughout each lifetime.

Every possibility that ever has or ever will be, continues to exist in this multi-dimensional universe. Just like the television and radio waves that we broadcast out into space, they go on forever.

If we imagine looking back at the multi-dimensions, simultaneously it’s the time of creation, the Big Bang is occurring, the solar system and the earth are evolving, the dinosaurs still roam the earth, the world wars are in progress, man is landing on the moon – also, if we imagine looking linearly ahead of us, mankind has already permanently inhabited the moon, mars and explored the worlds outside our solar system.

All the history of the universe, past, present and future is indelibly recorded in this multi-dimensional universe. Consequently, for you personally, you are yet to be born, you are born, you are growing up, maturing, aging, your life has ended and you are deceased. There are also dimensions where you never existed at all.

In reality, you are living out every possible variation of your life. Apart from the one life you are aware of, you are also living out the lifetimes of every other decision or choice that you ever have or ever will make, from the important to the mundane.

Plus, you are living out the consequences of the choices of others, both so called good and bad. All those variations of yourself are right here with you right now, experiencing a multi-life that ranges from slightly different to completely foreign to the one you are aware of living.

Although you, or to be more precise, your ego, is having only one experience of your life, your soul, or true self is spiritually connected multi-dimensionally and is experiencing all the infinite versions of your life in all its magnificent variety…

Dan’s Quote: “How can you take life so seriously if your present perception
______________of life is only one small version of your total reality?”


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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  1. Should one then:-

    a) Cling on for dear life
    b) Let go and go with the flow
    c) Both
    d) Simply laugh
    e) All five

    My vote is for e). 🙂

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