EACH dimension in this multi-dimensional universe was created the same – which means that every finite ‘thing’ was copied exactly onto every level. Since the time of Creation this remains true, except for the effects of the infinite possibilities brought about by free will that causes the probability of a different outcome occurring over time on each and every one of these individual dimensional levels.

Thus, every ‘thing’ is living and dying, being and not being, slightly differently on each level within that infinite universe. It stands to reason then, there must also be an infinite number of exact copies of you, me and everyone else, living separate/connected lifetimes, all completely unaware of our own multiplicity.

Unlike our experience of life, the multi-universe is timeless and space-less so these levels would not in reality be stacked one on top of the other or side by side, they would all exist in the same illusory time/space continuum – They would be all around us – and in us right now.

We can’t detect them of course, it would be rather confusing and pointless if we could. We only experience the one tiny level that we are aware of inhabiting. It’s similar to television and radio waves, the air is full of them but there would only be a confusing garble of sights and sounds if we tuned into all of them at once.

So we tune our television and radio sets to one particular frequency, so we can watch, listen and comprehend. It’s the same with our existence. We exist concurrently on an infinite number of levels, but we are only tuned into this particular level, so we can live, experience and comprehend one aspect of our infinite number of human lifetimes. The one small part of us that is tuned into this particular level is our ego.

Considering that there are an infinite number of copies of ourselves on every level and with the infinite possibilities brought about by free will, each copy of ourselves will experience a slightly different version of our life, depending on the infinite choices that we and others make on each level and also the infinite possibilities caused by nature itself…

Dan’s Quote: “The blinkers of ignorance that we wear, that narrows
_____________the vision of our reality are as large as the universe itself.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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