Black Holes


black holes1

ASTROPHYSICISTS are forever searching for missing matter in the universe. They question why there is a certain amount of mass missing that should be there to make the universe work the way it does. They have fancy names like dark matter or dark energy, anti matter etc, but where and what it is they don’t really know.

The need for extra dark or invisible matter, is inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter and was originally hypothesized to account for discrepancies between the mass of galaxies and the universe as a whole, based on the mass of the visible luminous matter these objects contain, as we three dimensional beings ‘know and understand it’.

What if that anomaly could be accounted for by factoring in the extra mass contained in a multi-dimensional universe – a mass that is invisible and as impossible for us three dimensionals to observe or detect as the inside of a black hole, but is an essential component for the total mass of this multi-dimensional universe?

Is the mass held in the other dimensions the ‘missing matter’ that our scientists are so eagerly looking for, a question that we can never answer when it is realized that the elusive matter is invisible to detection by three dimensional means?

There are many questions that arise when attempting to reason why things are the way they are, especially when they are not within our range of understanding. We need to be inspired, to think outside of the norm.

All mankind’s major discoveries came as a result of inspiration – a new thought bubbles and bursts through the hard shell of conditioned thought – and something new is invented or understood. Could it be possible that a black hole is a tear in the fabric of space, exposing the universe’s true reality?

For us to understand black holes or any of the universe’s anomalies, we must get out of our habitual ways and think differently, then like opening a window to the breeze, the answer may come in – and then again it may not, but at least it has a chance if the window is open – it has no hope if it is closed…

Dan’s Quote: “The answer to every question is waiting within….
______________For when we are quiet enough to listen and understand.”

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