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THE PHYSICAL WORLD is made up of separate things. The prerequisites are three dimensions, time and space, matter and thought. They are all co-dependent in the making of each other. Each thing plays both an integral and complimentary part in a world where there must be by necessity, others (two or more objects interacting together).

Each is a separate entity which, being a material object, must have a certain height, width and breadth (three dimensions) which distinguishes it from others. This enables opposites to exist both physically and mentally that can be compared to one another, hence, experience and learning become possible.

These objects whether living, inanimate or mental, have a space between them and it takes time to traverse that space, even though that time may be minuscule. It even takes time to travel between atoms. Without time there could not be space and vice-versa – without a space between objects, time could not exist.

The same holds true for mental objects. There is a space between thoughts. In the physical world, because of time, all objects are finite – they have a beginning and an end. They exist for a time then they don’t exist, whether the objects are animal, mineral or mental. The only difference is the length of time between being and not being.

That is the fundamental difference between the physical world and the spiritual world. In the spiritual world time does not exist, therefore nothing can have a beginning or an end. Also, because there is no time, there cannot be any space because time and space are inextricably linked together.

With there being no time and space in the spiritual world, experience of a self, compared to another is impossible. That is precisely the reason for Creation – the creation of the physical world enables experience of self – which includes learning about self and others through trial and error.

In the spiritual world, the only way to experience a self of any kind is to dream of a world in which this is made possible. That dream is the three dimensional physical world that we experience in our human lives.

It must be remembered that it is all an hallucination. It is a drama played out on a make-believe stage of matter, time and space…

Dan’s Quote: Perfection is not required of you — only perfect effort.”- CWG


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel Kramer, Vernon Howard, ACM, CWG, Abraham, Many others and life itself.

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