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NEALE DONALD WALSCH was given some astounding truths during his conversations with God. Truths such as: ‘You are experiencing a three dimensional world, but you do not live in one’.. ..‘The entire universe is composed of one thing acting differently’…‘Let us be clear, Hell does not exist, there is simply no such place’…‘Most human beings are focused most of the time on things that do not really matter.’

‘There is nothing mysterious about the universe once you look right at it’…‘It is your intention to fully know yourself through your experience, not to partially know yourself’…‘You have imagined that there is so much you need in order to be happy – and even to survive – you have made this all up’…‘Not all things are the way they seem.’

‘Death is intriguing – It is exciting and fascinating and totally wonderful’…‘Death is the passageway between the physical world and the spiritual world and back again’…‘Death is a process by which you re-establish your identity’…‘No death is wasted and all death brings a message to those who leave the earth and to those who remain’…‘In death, all of your individual identities are shed, ending the separation of you from you, at last’.

‘Nearly every person who is dying is not dying for the first time’…‘You can’t change your experience – in this lifetime or the next – until you know how you created it’…’There are more possibilities in every moment within every lifetime than you might previously have imagined’.. ..‘Use the events of today to create the promise of tomorrow.’

‘There is no suffering of any kind in the afterlife’…‘The individual moments of your life are what you used to create your experience of self’…‘To truly understand Ultimate Reality you have to be out of your mind’…‘You are experiencing yourself as the multitudinous Individuality’…‘I am you, simply causing you to remember me.’

‘You do not have to be ‘ordained’ to be a minister in the world – God has ‘ordained’ you by virtue of your being alive’…‘Your ancestors walk with you – Your heirs stand beside you, watching your decisions on their behalf’…‘The moment you surrender to love and allow it to lead you too exactly where your soul wants to go, you will have no difficulty’…

Dan’s Quote: “Objective observation is impossible…
______________Nothing which is observed is unaffected by the observer”- CWG


Inspiration for this article came from Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch – and life itself.

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