An Inside Story 72



BEFORE CREATION, there was only That-Which-Is, which cannot know or experience itself fully, without something it is not. It cannot know itself as love, since nothing exists but love. It cannot know itself as giving since nothing else exists to give to. It cannot experience itself in myriad ways because everything is one.

Further to the Nine New Revelations in his book, ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, God also described the Eighteen Remembrances that would help guide us through life. They should be read without judgment. The God who conversed with Neale, for want of a better word, represents That-Which-Is.

Remembrance 1: Dying is something you do for you.

Remembrance 2: You are the cause of your own death. This is always true, no matter where
________________or how you die.

Remembrance 3: You cannot die against your will.

Remembrance 4: No path back home is better than any other path.

Remembrance 5: Death is never a tragedy. It is always a gift.

Remembrance 6: You and God are one. There is no separation between you.

Remembrance 7: Death does not exist.

Remembrance 8: You cannot change Ultimate Reality, but you can change
________________your experience of it.

Remembrance 9: It is the desire of All That Is to know Itself in its own experience.
_______________-This is the reason for all life.

Remembrance 10: Life is eternal.

Remembrance 11: The timing and the circumstances of death are always perfect.

Remembrance 12: The death of every person always serves the agenda of every other person
_________________who is aware of it. That is why they are aware of it. Therefore, no death
_________________(and no life) is ever “wasted.” No one ever dies “in vain.”

Remembrance 13: Birth and death are the same thing.

Remembrance 14: You are continually in the act of creation, in life and in death.

Remembrance 15: There is no such thing as the end of evolution.

Remembrance 16: Death is reversible.

Remembrance 17: In death you will be greeted by all of your loved ones – those who have died
_________________before you and those who will die after you.

Remembrance 18: Free choice is the act of pure creation, the signature of God, and your gift,
_________________your glory, and your power forever and ever.

Dan’s Quote: “Souls reincarnate to eventually experience God-realization.”- Bhagavad-Gita.


Inspiration for this article came from ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch and life itself.

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