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SOMETIMES helpful guidance comes to us in modern literature such as ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch. There God describes His ‘Nine New Revelations’. When reading them, the best way is to neither believe or disbelieve them, but simply read and absorb, for there is something else within us that knows the truth but has forgotten – Our only task is to help it wake up.

Revelation 1: God has never stopped communicating directly with human beings. God has been communicating with and through human beings from the beginning of time. God does so today.
Revelation 2: Every human being is as special as every other human being who has ever lived, lives now, or ever will live. You are all messengers – Every one of you. You are carrying a message of life about life every day – Every hour – Every moment.

Revelation 3: No path to God is more direct than any other path. No religion is the “one true religion,” no people are “the chosen people” and no prophet is “the greatest prophet.”

Revelation 4: God needs nothing. God requires nothing in order to be happy. God is happiness itself. Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anything in the universe.

Revelation 5: God is not a singular Super Being living somewhere in the universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans. That which is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.

Revelation 6: All things are one thing. There is only one thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.

Revelation 7: There is no such thing as right and wrong. There is only what works and what doesn’t work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, do or have.

Revelation 8: You are not your body. Who you are, is limitless and without end.

Revelation 9: You cannot die and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation.

Dan’s Quote:You need to make a commitment, and once you make it…
______________then life will give you some answers.”- Neale Donald Walsch (CWG)


Inspiration for this article came from ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch and life itself.

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