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The Naked Taboo

SOCIETIES came about because we are social animals, we like to congregate. That is an instinctive function of our human nature, but because of our mental immaturity, over hundreds of years, society’s rules, laws and taboos have run amok. In an attempt to find solutions, lawmakers, governments, committees, organizations, tend to seek an outside authority such as someone that is believed to be more intelligent than the average Joe.

We consult psychologists, psychiatrists, religious leaders, any so called expert who we believe can supply the answers to the problems we have, but instead of resolving them, they create laws (or taboos) against, fines and jail terms for, law enforcement agencies to protect, penalties to deter, incentives to obey, rehabilitation centres to help – which are all useless measures, for as is evident,  the problems we have not only persist, but escalates over time.

No matter how much thought is put into it and how earnest we may be to find a solution to our over-regulated lives, we are only treating the symptoms. We – and the so called experts, can only look at what has happened before to try and get answers – and the answers are simply not there.

What has happened has happened already. If there was a solution there, there would not now be a problem to deal with. Social media only adds to our woes by publicizing our immaturity worldwide. New problems need new solutions. New solutions cannot be found in what has already occurred. Any problems we have with society, no matter what it is, needs a new approach.

All of our major advances, all of the ways we have found to solve or alleviate any of our problems in the past has been caused by a flash of inspiration, a sudden conscious seeing of the problem, which holds within it, the solution.

Not from governmental committees, discussion groups, law makers etc, sitting around banging their heads together in their so called wisdom, then deciding on our behalf, how it might be solved.

Dan’s Quote: “Society ensures our belief in separation…
_____________Social media strengthens that belief.”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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