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The Naked Taboo

THE NAKED TABOO isn’t about proving that society’s rules, laws and taboos are right or wrong, what it is attempting to show is that we all follow those rules, laws and taboos unconsciously. We are unaware that every day of our lives we constantly and  robotically obey the dictates that our society has laid down in the ancient past, which has become deeply rooted in our everyday mentality.

We automatically follow  practices set down many long years ago, practices that have been fiddled with over and over again but never changed. We are living by the same code of conduct that our distant ancestors lived by. Society’s rules, laws and taboos have become old, tired and outdated, they desperately need to be changed – but before that can happen, we must firstly become aware that we are blindly following them.

The woman at the mirror putting on makeup is not there in her mind. She is elsewhere, maybe remembering what happened earlier or anticipating what may happen later. The same goes when we do anything – After our shower say, we dry ourselves, apply the deodorant, the perfume, the antiperspirant, but we do it all unconsciously.

Millions of us all over the world commute to work and back each weekday to conduct our business, making sometimes very important decisions, all on automatic pilot. We are not present,  so we are unable to decide whether we need to continue doing what we are doing in the same way or not – or that we even need to do it at all.

Because we are lost in reverie most of the time, our important decisions are compromised, which is what our governments, community leaders and law makers are doing all the time. How can we effectively change what needs to be changed when our minds are not there, instead we are lost in an antiquated mentality of a time long gone?

By becoming aware of the way we are living our life every moment, society’s rules, laws and taboos will automatically change for the better. The obsolete will be deleted,  the outdated will be updated and the very few that are still relevant today will be kept as they are, making life for us all much less complicated and our minds much more evolved…

Dan’s Quote: “One part of you is entirely independent of society’s confusion…
______________so make it your task to awaken it.”- Vernon Howard


Inspiration for this article came from the writings of Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Joel Kramer, Abraham, Vernon Howard, Many Others – and life itself.

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