Life After Life

DO WE SURVIVE DEATH? After our life is over, do we then earn the right to a period of R and R in the afterlife before we are once again reincarnated? Or is it the case that when our life ends we are immediately reincarnated? Or worse case scenario, is this a onetime life experience – and then we do not exist anymore?

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Life Before Life


DO WE EXIST BEFORE BIRTH? This is a question that’s been contemplated for thousands of years. We are told that we are continually being reincarnated, life after life after life. Reincarnation is the idea, or belief that we experience many different lives not only on our own planet and dimensions, but other ones as well.

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All Together Forever


OUR BIGGEST QUANDARY… and the one that causes us so much fear and trepidation is ‘What happens to us after we die?’ We are so emotionally attached to this life and especially to the loved ones closest to us that we cannot imagine leaving them behind… or in them dying and leaving us behind to mourn their passing.

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Your Inner Pilot Light


**Following is an inspiring message from Lissa Rankin MD

SOMETIMES YOU WONDER where you came from. Although your creation is a mystery to scientists and mystics alike, let me tell you a little story and you can check in with your heart of hearts to see if any of it resonates with the core of your Being.

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The Quest For Approval


WE WILL NEVER change our life for the better, until we become fully aware that there’s part of our mindset that seeks approval. To alleviate this innate feeling we are surreptitiously waiting for compliments, assurances, proof that we are loved and worthy, that we are part of the family, the group.

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