The Strife In Life

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WE HOPE THAT EVERY MOMENT of our life will be good ones, with unending love, excitement, money, easy living etc. We don’t want anything bad to come along and spoil our day do we? But bad things do happen to us as well we know, and it can happen at any time.

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The Thinker In Our Head

First light on a beautiful Tuesday overlooking the Nepean River, Emu Plains. troy photo

WE  REGARD OURSELVES as being separate and distinct from everyone else. We see and feel a world that appears to be outside of us, viewed from a narrow and personal perspective. It’s a very private domain, enclosed within the walls of our ever thinking mind.

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The One And All


BELIEFS ARE BASED ON THE NOTION OF SEPARATION. As such, we tend to believe something when it’s put forward as a truth by a seemingly reputable separate ‘other’. That’s the flaw with religion that tries to make us believe in what they believe which keeps us trapped in the illusion of separation.

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A Story To Tell


BEFORE YOU WERE BORN, you decided on a basic life agenda that included situations you haven’t as yet experienced in your many previous lifetimes and repeating the ones you failed to learn. The reason your agenda is not set in stone is because you have free will, therefore your fate is never sealed.

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The Symphony Of Life


LIKE THE NOTES IN A ORCHESTRAL PIECE, we are all connected. You, I, nature and everything else in the universe is all part of the one grand symphony of life. Being unaware of this, we unfortunately sometimes see ourselves above and separate from the natural world… and herein lies our problem.

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