The Never Ending Journey


OUR FEARS ARE UNFOUNDED. Climate change, world war, a disease pandemic, or a collision with a comet or meteor from outer space will not cause the end of our existence. It can’t possibly happen, for our physicality and this world is not real. We are Spiritual Beings (Souls) and ‘We Are Eternal’.

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The Grand Design


WE TEND TO IDENTIFY OURSELVES as human beings with a physical body and mind that has a name, a separate personality and a use by date that spans from the time we are born until the day our life will end, but in truth, we are Spiritual Energy that is timeless, powerful and forever evolving.

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You Are Not Alone


FOR A SOUL, SPENDING A LIFETIME enclosed in a dank and cumbersome human body feels strange and uncomfortable at first, until it gets used to it. It will forget where it came from and will accept the physical body and personality as being who it really is.

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Trial And Error

Tassy sunset

BEFORE A DECISION IS MADE TO EMBARK on a human life experience, Spiritual Energy (Our Soul) selects a physical body that will become a vehicle that best suits the life experience ahead. This decision is influenced by former associations with other souls it wishes to be with.

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Yes, It Is Real!


YOU ARE SPIRITUAL ENERGY having a human experience. Your consciousness is focused in a physical body knowing full well that all is well, always has been and always will be. You came here with something to do, although while in physical form you don’t remember that.

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