Why Have I Created This?

Bronte Beach

WHATEVER YOU EXPERIENCE IN LIFE, no matter what emotion it is, whether it be unwanted like pain, sadness, loss or distress… or whether it be wanted like happiness, excitement, thrills, euphoria. Before you identify with that experience, ask yourself this question, “Why have I created this situation in my life?

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The Experience Of A Lifetime

Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,

WE’RE HERE TO EXPERIENCE being physical by living countless successive lifetimes as a human being. Within these life experiences we choose to undergo many situations, both positive and negative, where our aim is to learn the lessons that are presented to us, if we fail, no problem, they will be included in our next incarnation.

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What If It Were True?

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HERE’S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. What if we really are Eternal Spiritual Beings experiencing what it’s like to be finite physical beings? What if we have lived countless lives in human form, made up of a multitude of different races, colours, creeds and ethnicities… if so, then how can we possibly be racist?

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False Identity

First light on a beautiful Tuesday overlooking the Nepean River, Emu Plains. troy photo

WHEN FIRST BORN, we are not only helpless, but are vulnerable as everything is bewildering in this strange new environment. With the help of our parents, we slowly feel our way, becoming accustomed to this newness around us and accepting this strange body that encases us as being who we are.

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Life After Life

DO WE SURVIVE DEATH? After our life is over, do we then earn the right to a period of R and R in the afterlife before we are once again reincarnated? Or is it the case that when our life ends we are immediately reincarnated? Or worse case scenario, is this a onetime life experience – and then we do not exist anymore?

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