Stuck In A Rut

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

OUR WORLD IS FULL OF CHANGE and quite frankly, many of us feel frustrated with how things are. We worry about politics, climate change, our jobs, what our fellow human beings are doing to the world and to themselves… and we worry about ourselves and why we feel so frustrated with the way things are.

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Our Inner Spark

currumbin beach gold coast

IN OUR SEARCH FOR THE MEANING OF LIFE we may have been told that we will know that we have found it because we will always be happy. While joy or supreme happiness would be a wonderful experience, like all experiences it will come and go. In other words, we will not have it all the time.

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Death Defining

WHAT WE UNDERSTAND AS DEATH is just one expression of a process which is happening to us all the time. Instead of focusing on death as going from one state (alive) to another (dead), it is much more helpful to see it like this: ‘Dying is the breaking down of one reality in order to make way for another.’

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The Choices We Make


STANDING ASIDE and impartially observing ourselves plays an important part in our learning process. Being fully aware of what we are doing and thinking as we go through our day gives us the opportunity to make better choices about how we handle the problems that crop up in our daily life.

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Chasing After Dreams

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WHEN WE ARE UPSET OR HURT or feeling like the world is against us, we tend to blame some other person or some outside event. We may be confronted by an angry person, or have an accident of some sort, or there’s a family squabble, or we’re just having a bad day.

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