The Thought of YOU

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

ALL THAT IS, INCLUDING THE GALAXIES, planets, light, matter, you and me, everything we can see and everything we can’t see are the inner manifestations of the One Supreme Consciousness. The universe is conscious in its very fabric, and we are an integral part of it!

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The Fearful YOU

currumbin beach gold coast

WHY DO WE FEAR DEATH SO MUCH? Because we fear it is the end of our self, the self we live with 24/7… the self we think of as being our mind, body and name… That’s a pretty daunting thought. Why? Because it is something we have never experienced before. We don’t know what’s going to happen to us after death.

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The Other YOU

Sunrise at Glen Helen Gorge is worth the early start, there's no doubt about that! This stunning spot in the Northern Territory

YOU MAY BECOME CONFUSED and not understand when told that you are an integral part of the ‘One Universal Consciousness’… Wow! How could someone so insignificant and ordinary as you be a part of something so vast. The reason this revelation is so difficult to comprehend is that there is another you.

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The Veil of Unknowing

A Only the Apostles delivered a sunset like this one! jpg

WHEN WE ARE BORN, we completely forget the fact that we are eternal, non-physical, creative beings who are an integral part of the ‘One Universal Consciousness’. We completely forget that we chose and planned this physical life experience and our reasons for doing so, before we were born.

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False Impressions

1 Henley-beach-adelaide-cropped-xlarge

OUR BELIEF SYSTEM IS SECOND HAND. They began forming when we were born and are mainly made up of the beliefs passed down to us by our family and predecessors. As we grow into adulthood, we may vary them somewhat, but generally, we retain the same basic set of beliefs that were formed in early childhood.

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