Guilt Tripping

Sunset over the Pioneer River in Mackay

WE ALL DO AND SAY THINGS WE LATER REGRET especially in the heat of the moment when we’ve been provoked by someone else’s words or actions that upsets us. It’s not until after we’ve cooled down a bit and begin to think about our untoward behaviour that feelings of guilt and remorse invade our mind.

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Haters And Doubters


THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE people who will dislike you and doubt you, some may even hate you. Hate is a strong word, but the human race is filled with people who aren’t afraid to not only feel it, but also openly express it. We only need to watch the nightly news to see examples of that.

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Breaking The Habit


WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO to be told that when you are with other people you invariably pretend to be someone else instead of being your normal, natural self. Not only that, when in a crowd, you have become adept at acting out multiple roles, all at the same time.

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Getting In Character


WHAT WE BELIEVE SOMEONE THINKS OF US influences how we will act when in their company. We subtly portray different personalities depending on the people we are with. In each case, we are acting out a role that is different to who we really are.

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Just Be Yourself

15 The Royal Exhibition Building in autumn, Melbourne Victoria.

WE ALL WEAR MASKS WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC, but underneath this false persona we cannot be other than who we truly are. The reason is that there is no alternative. How can we be anything but who we are? Yet, we continue to pretend to be a faux-mix of different personalities, depending on who we are with.

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