Why We Are Here

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ALTHOUGH IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE TO BELIEVE, we have lived many previous lives that our everyday physical mind is completely unaware of. In our eternal existence as souls, we have inhabited many different bodies while knowing ourselves by many different names.

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A Change Of Attitude


SOMETIMES PEOPLE can annoy the hell out of us. You know… the noisy neighbours, the unruly kids, the nagging spouse… the list goes on. Whenever this occurs there is one thing to keep in mind that can make the difference between maintaining a friendly relationship and fostering one of ill-will… and that is our attitude.

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Sharing The Blame


THE CONCEPT OF CIVILIZATION includes being ‘civil’ to each other. To show compassion and understanding for our fellow man. But are we really? No! We humans are more like angry children running around the playground, fighting and arguing amongst ourselves, and worse still, killing each other.

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Testing Times

wild life Margaret rive wa

LIFE UNDOUBTEDLY HAS IT’S FAIR SHARE OF CHALLENGES and the more sensational and/or repugnant these challenges are to our sense of decency and rightness, the more likely we, (including the mass media) will we be to put greater focus on those negative aspects of life rather than on the positive.

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Can We Change?

1dA sign near the abandoned mining town of Wittenoom by ‎Peter Hiosan

TAKE A MOMENT TO LOOK AT THE WORLD. Things appear to be pretty screwed up right now. If you watch the evening news chances are all you’ll see and hear about is war, conflict, death, illness, suffering of one kind or another… in other words, all the gory, newsworthy items sensationalize to attract our attention.

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