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WHETHER WE ONCE LIVED IN AN ‘ALIEN‘ BODY, or a human body is the prime vehicle that we use to allow us to experience physical life, our true existence is eternal! A never-ending cycle of life, death and re-birth. We are Spiritual Beings focusing on and learning from myriad lives as physical beings.

Our present lifetime is completely separate from our past lifetimes for a very good reason. The sheer diversity and intensity of those previous lifetime recordings is so varied, so complex, so different from our current life it would in many ways be highly confrontational.

If all of a sudden, we broke through that protective wall it could be very upsetting for us emotionally. We would not be strong enough to handle the tremendously confusing deviations between our different lifetimes.

Author Nikki Gray writes, “Knowing about past lives can seriously mess with you mentally and emotionally. Although I personally find them fascinating and look upon them with no judgments; not everyone may be able to handle knowing about all the different roles we play here on Earth over our many lifetimes.”

On a more positive note, we ‘sort of’ remember our past lives, albeit subconsciously – as Carey Williams – Co-Author of Reincarnation writes: “Many people feel that reincarnation can’t exist because they don’t remember their past lives and my answer is, we do remember. We don’t have the details but we have certain key hints as to who we are.

The type of music we like, the people we are most attracted to, the type of food we like, the clothing we wear, certain periods of history that we identify with. These are indications of where we have been before and so our present lifetime is a composite of all the fruits of what we were before.”

Mankind is not yet advanced enough to deal with the emotional upheaval caused when remembering what we have been before. For quite a few lifetimes to come those memories must remain in our subconscious, gently guiding us along a predetermined path towards future lifetimes when we will be mature enough to remember who we truly are…

Dan’s Quote: “Your mind creates your world. You are what you think.
 All that you are arises with your thoughts. Your thoughts make your world.”

Header: Peace and tranquility of the Australian bush.

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