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INEXTRICABLY woven into our belief system is the insatiable need for more. Even people who we would deem to be ‘Well off’ still crave even more riches, more money, more fame, a bigger and more lavish house, car, lifestyle etc. The amount of wealth, possessions or social status they have will make little difference to their belief that to be more complete as a person, they need more stuff.

Not only individuals suffer from this need for more disease, it is also true for us collectively. Banks, companies, corporations, governments etc, all have that same unquenchable thirst… as we all know. Even if they double, treble or quadruple their yearly profits, their need for greed continues on unabated.

The problem is we identify with having, it is a part of who we think we are, but our satisfaction in having is a relatively shallow and short lived one. Concealed within it remains a deep seated sense of dissatisfaction, of incompleteness, of  not enough. ‘I don’t have enough yet,’ by which we really mean, ‘I am not enough yet.’- and never will be, so the search goes endlessly on and on.

There are needs that were originally put in place for our survival. These are the basic needs for sustenance and shelter. Each one ensures the continuation of our body, for without them, we would quickly perish. They are our only legitimate and necessary needs.

As for any other needs, they are unnecessary excess baggage in our ongoing quest for pleasure and self gratification. All we are chasing is past memories. They do not exist. They are dead and gone, remaining only as a remembered, pleasurable residue – the cold ashes of the past.

The solution to our insatiable need for more is to simply live in the now where there is no need for anything at all. There is only peace and contentment in the wholehearted, unconditional acceptance of the uncluttered present moment…

Dan’s Quote: “We need material possessions like we need a hole in the head…
______________We already have everything we could ever possibly need within us”- DJB


Ideas for this chapter came from ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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