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WHAT we believe primarily determines who we think we are and re-enforces our faith that we will continue on forever as a separate individual. Organized religion jumped on this band wagon a long time ago. They preach that if we believe and do what the church tells us, then we will be protected and need not fear death and damnation. If we don’t believe and do as they preach, then we may very well be condemned to oblivion.

Whatever mainstream religion promises us, heaven and eternal life, or eternal damnation in hell, it is all playing on our fear of not existing anymore. Even hell with all its purported fire and brimstone is a better choice to believe in than not existing anymore, for in hell, we would still continue to exist.

Our belief system is second hand. It began forming when we were born and is mainly made up of the beliefs and opinions of others passed down to us, our parents especially. Aunties, uncles, close friends, school teachers etc have also contributed. As we grow into adulthood, we may vary those beliefs somewhat, but in the main, we retain the same basic set of beliefs formed in early childhood.

What we think of ourselves, how we approach and tackle life’s problems, how we see and react to the world in general, depends on our belief system. As we experience more of life, our beliefs formed in childhood, become ever more rigid and inflexible until they become so caked in the mud of the past that they become resistant to change.

Usually it takes a major shock, loss or extreme tribulation for us to break free of our ingrained belief system. Then it is usually the case that, not knowing how to handle the situation, our true nature then has a chance to shine through into our consciousness, giving us the opportunity to learn what life is trying to teach us…

Dan’s Quote:There is nothing wrong with believing…
_____________ it’s what we believe in that’s the problem.”


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