Virtual Reality 25


“REMEMBER,” Sol impressed upon Sera, “every one of man’s endeavours on Earth is meant to fail. The Earth is not what mankind thinks it is. It is a classroom where souls like you and I learn by experiencing the violence that pervades the mind of man and the failings of their physical body. Earth is made to be faulty on purpose to help facilitate our learning process.

There was a close bond between Sol and Sera. Being less advanced in physical life experiences, she was keen to learn from the more knowledgeable Sol, so readily accepted his advice. This was why Sera’s physical simulation, Sharon, sought out Sully’s advice, there was a spiritual connection between the two of them that they were not consciously aware of.

Sera was Sharon’s soul and as such, in charge of the simulation, like Sol with Sully, Sera drew up an agenda of lessons that she needed to learn during Sharon’s lifetime on Earth. Sera had yet to experience a lot of the mental pain and suffering emanating from man’s mind, but during Sharon’s simulation, Sera was scheduled to experience a human body dis-ability.

Obesity was the one that she decided on so it was duly added to Sera’s agenda for she wanted to learn what it was like to live a life in such a body and the lessons she could learn whilst doing so. When the simulation was over and she transitioned to the Spiritual Plane, Sharon would be able to fully enjoy the rewards of her lifetime of suffering.

Once Sera’s other missions were added to the mix, her agenda was complete allowing Sharon’s Egor to be pre-programmed with Sharon’s life instructions that included the data for her body size and weight that from birth and throughout her lifetime, no matter what Sharon did, would revert back to its original status.

This was necessary as Sera wanted to experience a lifetime with this dis-ability. She wanted to learn through Sharon’s Physical Plane self that the human body was just a vehicle that enabled the learning process to proceed and that identifying with the body was one of the reasons for man’s unnecessary suffering.

The ‘Knowing’ Sera was aware that she was eternally perfect in every way and she wanted to try and get that message across the spiritual-physical divide and impart it into Sharon’s mind, so she could enjoy life regardless of how she looked to other people and especially to herself.

If she was successful and Sharon understood that she was really okay, the lesson would be learned and Sera/Sharon would never need to experience obesity again. In fact Sharon herself could look forward to an eternal existence wearing the feather light, trim taut and terrific body that all souls do.

Sera’s soul mate was Pim. Pim was presently simulating Bazza. As with Sol and Mae, they were the positive aspects of Sharon and Bazza. Sera Pim plus positive h = Seraphim. Angels of the first order, which indeed they were.

The ‘Unknowing’ Sera was at the controls of the PSPR beside Egor. For Sharon, the lifelong battle with obesity was about to begin. Would Sera succeed in learning from the experience or would she have to live a further lifetime with obesity. Time would tell.

And what about all those companies, organizations and so called professionals that make their fortune out of fat, unhealthy people. They wouldn’t be too happy if we all were trim, taut and terrific, now would they?….

Dan’s Quote: “You cannot be consciously unhappy…
_____________Conversely, you cannot be unconsciously happy.”- D.B.

Top photo represents ‘Classroom/Earth’. PSPR Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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