Virtual Reality 26


PLODDING around the footpaths of town each day was like flogging a dead horse as far as Sharon was concerned. She had been doing it since forever, something she didn’t look forward to. The looks from others as she passed by seemed to pierce into her very soul. Her only consolation was that her pet dog Skip came along with her, at least he enjoyed the walk.

Like many with her condition, she had a jovial outward nature, always looking at the funny side of life, but when it came to her size and weight, she kept her pain and torment bottled up within her and never let it show to anyone, even Bazza was not privy to her personal hell at times.

Sharon just could not accept herself the way she was, which was reinforced by other people’s opinions, so she tried to change it. She was searching for some other person out there to solve her obesity problem, or at least get some sort of a potion or regime that would change her into the someone she desired to be.

Sharon  tried every pill, powder and health drink available. She spent a fortune on weight loss programs, diets, health clinics and got professional advice from doctors and nutritionists and even tried ‘Nip and Tuck’ surgery, but it made no substantial difference to her weight, the only outcome was, it made a heck of a lot of money for the so called health professionals.

Sera couldn’t help remembering Sol’s warning, ‘The Earth and everyone on it is meant to fail’. The people who ran those pharmaceutical companies, weight loss centres, health clinics and even the ones who produced television shows such as ‘The Biggest Loser’ were in it for the money, not to help the overweight.

They were all more concerned with making a profit out of exploiting people such as Sharon than they were about honestly curing obesity and the like. In spiritual terms, they needed help themselves more that Sharon did, so how could they be of any real assistance to her.

They were learning lessons the same as Sharon, only their debility was in the mind not the body. They were addicted to greed. If they did what was right, obesity could possibly be cured, but then they would be out of a job. In the economy based society in which man lives, this was not acceptable, or even possible, ensuring failure.

Man’s whole failing system revolves around material acquisition, so the aim of life is to chase material wealth, accumulating as many riches as possible, rather than do good for mankind, in fact, these health practitioners relied on disabilities like Sharon’s continuing, so their income was secure.

Sharon remembered too what Sully had said to her a long time ago, “Look within for the answer Sharon, look within.” At wits end, Sharon eventually stopped searching. Giving up, she accepted the unacceptable and amazingly everything changed. She never lost any weight, but she now realized she didn’t have to, she was beautiful the way she was, inside and out.

Once Sharon unconditionally accepted the way she was, she was shocked to find that she actually enjoyed a walk around town as much as Skip did. Her emphasis had changed from concentrating on what was wrong with her body, that the walk might fix, to smelling the flowers in the neighbourhood gardens and admiring the passing scenery.

She even cajoled Bazza into going for a walk when he was on leave. Sharon was amazed at how a simple change of mind like looking within instead of searching without could make so much difference to her life. Sera’s lesson was learned and Sharon was on her way…

Dan’s Quote: “No matter what our outer cocoon is like,
_____________It is only the wrapping for our inner beauty.”- D.B.

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