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SERVING with the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan had earned Sully quite a number of enemies, but he also gained many friends, or “Mates” as Sully preferred. One of his mates was Bazza. Bazza was lying under cover beside Sully on that stony ridge in the middle of a god forsaken hell hole of a desert when the fatal shot was fired into Sully’s chest.

They had first met in Iraq where they were members of the same unit that patrolled and guarded the dirty, bomb shattered shitty streets of Baghdad. They became close mates when they realized that on civvy street, they lived in close proximity to each other, the next town in fact. When Sully was posted to Afghanistan, Bazza followed close behind.

Whenever they were on leave together they returned home if possible where they met each other’s families. Bazza was happily married to Sharon, who became nearly as close to Sully as Bazza was. Sharon and Bazza had made a joint decision for him to volunteer for overseas duty instead of quitting the army and getting local work.

Although active service was a dangerous occupation, it was worth the short term risk as the money was pretty good. Before having kids, they could save for the future, but most important of all, Bazza loved the lifestyle, although he missed Sharon like crazy and she him, he was army through and through.

Even when Sully had R&R on his own, he made a point of calling in to have a cuppa with Sharon and pass on any messages (usually of a sexual nature) and any trinkets that Bazza had procured by devious and usually unlawful means while he was on patrol, or just sniffing about in the local Afghan markets in Kabul.

Bazza reciprocated in turn and although Sully’s Mum, Dad and fiancé had all passed away, he visited Sully’s brother Ken and his wife Haley until they moved interstate, then there was still Sully’s friends that liked to be kept up to date with Sully’s welfare and Bazza happily provided the news – until that fateful day that is.

Sharon was a big girl. She was cruelly categorized by an ignorant society of know-all doctors and nutritionists as ‘Morbidly Obese’, a horrid and downgrading label that only the very few unconscious, uncaring people could come up with. Even though Sharon had been overweight since birth, the cruel jibes and sneaky side-glance’s really got to her at times.

She confided to Sully that she had tried every diet and exercise program known to man for as long as she could remember, but to no avail. After years of rigorous exercise and eating only rabbit food, her weight and size would slowly reduce somewhat to where she felt at ease with herself, but as soon as she let her guard down, her weight and size magically reverted back to the way it was.

Sharon told Sully that Bazza had tried many times to convince her to give it all up, “Don’t keep on with those stupid diets and exercises love, they just make you tired and cranky, I love you just the way you are. To me you are beautiful on the outside and as a bonus, you are beautiful on the inside – you’ll do me.”

It was true, Sharon did not like all the exercise and starvation diets, they made her life a misery, she would much rather relax and be herself while she was in company with Bazza and their friends. She would love to eat and drink what she really enjoyed as all her other friends could do without  any detrimental effects.

She pleaded with Sully to give her some advice if he could, “Well” said Sully, “I know when I was on the booze and chain smoking I came to the conclusion that all my problems were inside of me, not out there in a bottle or a packet. Maybe that’s where you have to start looking.”…

Dan’s Quote: “Physical beauty is skin deep and may very well hide the devil within…
_____________True beauty hides nothing, it is the same inside and out.”- Danny Brand

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