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COMPLEMENTING Sol in both body and spirit is his Soul Mate. Spiritually, they have been together for eternity. In body, they sometimes share a simulated lifetime together if their agendas coincide and if not, their lifetimes are spent separate from each other in another time and place on the Physical Plane.

In the oneness of the Spiritual Plane, they can never really be apart for they are one and the same soul. When simulating a human life in the forgetfulness of the Physical Plane, there is the illusion that they are separate, making it a joy to meet each time they are ‘Knowing’.

Sol’s Soul Mate is not separate from Sol but rather a complementary opposite, where one expression of Sol remains unseen, or hidden, which is known on the Physical Plane as feminine and the other expression of Sol remains visible, or manifest, which is known as masculine.

On the Physical Plane these two expressions of the one soul (the true human self) is known as Yin yang, a primitive concept of a truth that was purposely leaked across the imaginary divide from the spiritual being to the physical being as a hint of the truth of the Oneness of reality. 

The symbol of Yin yang is pictured right.

Sexuality does not exist in the Oneness of the Spiritual Plane, only in the dream of physical life, where the two expressions of Sol – the hidden (female) and the manifest (male) – are used as an attraction between each species for the purpose of reproduction, ensuring the survival of all creatures, not just the human being.

Sol had a preference to experience only male simulations, while his Soul Mate preferred the female simulations. Neither of them had experienced a sexual lifetime other than what they preferred, but many other souls had sometimes lived out this type of simulation.

If a soul voluntarily offered to experience a life of a different sexual orientation than normal – to learn specific lessons for the evolutionary progress of all beings, both spiritual and physical – then usually, both expressions of that one soul would each live out such an opposite human simulation.

This is manifested on the Physical Plane as homosexuality, where the leanings of both expressions of the soul/soul mate where towards the opposite sexual orientation than was for that soul, normal.

Sometimes the simulated lifetimes openly expressed these sexual tendencies and sometimes they were repressed, but always, the physical human self was uncomfortable with the sex of their body, unconsciously wishing to return to the sexual orientation their soul was used to.

Mostly though, Sol, his Soul Mate and his soul companions simulated lifetimes of the sexual orientation that they preferred. It was only on these special learning curves that some soul’s voluntarily chose to live out such one off lifetimes.

While Sol was ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane, he eagerly looked forward to spending time with his Soul Mate, playing out the roles of ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ as they had done in many human life simulations.

For although the Physical Plane was set up by Yahweh to experience Himself in form, there was also facilities on the Spiritual Plane where this delightful pastime could continue…

Dan’s Quote: “Very, very rarely do soul mates meet in a lifetime, far less 
_____________share that same lifetime as sexual partners”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘Yahweh’s Infinitely Beautiful, Virtual Universe.’

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