Virtual Reality 7


SOMEWHERE amongst the newly forming memories in the mind of this sleeping human infant, Sol was still aware. He remembered the many simulations that he had experienced previous to this one. Each human life had had an agenda that once was fulfilled, came to an end in what is known on the Physical Plane as death.

Although the simulated human with its accompanying Egor would die, Sol would not, he would transition, with all the life memories and its identity, to the Spiritual Plane, a realm he had never really left, for inside the human mind where he dwelt during each simulation was the Spiritual Plane itself, his permanent home.

In past lives Sol would remember every now and then to shut his physical eyes and become quietly aware of the formlessness of its dark interior. There are no dimensions to the human mind, there are no sides or up and down limits, it is not in the shape of the human skull rather, it is as vast and fathomless as the sky above.

Sol does not occupy a position someplace in the mind, Sol is the infinite inner space itself. Sol is the limitless mind, Sol is Yahweh, Yahweh is The Creator, Yahweh is God, Yahweh is All There Is. Yahweh is The Dreamer, dreaming of Sol, who is dreaming of a human life experience.

Conversely the human being is not real, it is part of the dream. Egor is not real, he is part of the dream. The Physical Universe is not real, it is also a part of the dream. The Physical Plane self who’s self awareness is a mixture of Sol with amnesia, plus Egor’s recorded past, is not real either.

Sol is pure self awareness. Whilst Sol is in the PSPR on the Physical Plane simulating a human life, his self awareness is ‘Unknowing’. When he is on the Spiritual Plane his self awareness is ‘Knowing’.

He does not and cannot move from where he eternally resides. At the death of the human body, Sol’s self awareness simply shifts from ‘Unknowing’ to ‘Knowing’. He is really Yahweh, The One Spiritual Awareness in the nothingness of eternity.

Not only does Sol have the capability to transition from ‘Unknowing’ to ‘Knowing’ at the end of each human life, he can and does do it on a regular basis during the lifetime. Every time the human body is asleep, Sol’s self awareness transitions from the ‘Unknown’ of the Physical Plane to the ‘Known of the Spiritual Plane.

This is an important ability for all souls to have, for to spend 24/7 in a human body for a full lifetime would be quite stressful. The human body is heavy and awkward, dank, humid and unwieldy compared to the lightness of the soul, making it quite uncomfortable for any length of time.

While Sol is ‘Knowing’ on the Spiritual Plane, he catches up with all his loving spiritual family, both the ones whose life experience has come to an end (in physical terms, the body has died) and the ones that are still experiencing life, interacting with and assisting Sol with his present agenda, are all there to greet him.

There is one soul in particular that he especially loves to reunite with and that’s his ‘Soul Mate’…

Dan’s Quote: “The truth is there ready to be told…
_____________but you must be prepared to listen”- DJB


Top photo: The beautiful virtual world. ‘Afterglow, Hawaii Tropical Islands’.

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