Virtual Reality 9


EXPERIENCING physical life was stressful for Sol. Even though he had been through a countless number of simulations, human life never seemed to get any easier. The heaviness and humidity of the body itself, the negative thoughts that Egor generated in the habitual mind – added to Sol’s ‘Unknowing’ – was a strain.

That was the main reason why Sol transitioned to the ‘Knowing’ of the Spiritual Plane when the human simulator was sleeping. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of physical life and mostly from Egor’s relentless, ongoing negative thoughts.

While Sol was ‘Knowing’ and the human was sleeping, the Physical Plane self would switch to automatic and the five main senses that were normally attached to Sol would be desensitized. Often, the simulator’s computer would randomly search through recent data and sometimes review possible scenarios.

On the Physical Plane, this was known as dreaming – In reality it was to dream within The Dream – These human dreams were usually quite pleasant and sometimes even erotic, causing the simulated human to try and recreate the dream – an attempt that was usually unsuccessful.

Occasionally, when Sol was absent, the temptation became too strong for Egor to resist and he would try and take over the simulation. His vain attempts at connecting to the five main senses caused havoc within the simulator and the human, habitual mind would become uncontrollable.

On the Physical Plane, this was known as a nightmare, where the human self became very much agitated and scared. This sent a signal back to Sol, who then had to hurry back to the simulator and take back control from Egor, who remained reluctant to let go and return to his proper station.

Once Sol was reconnected to the senses he immediately became ‘Unknowing’ and thus woke up startled and full of fear until the Physical Plane self finally realized it was only a dream – albeit a bad dream.

Although the human sleep time was short, the Spiritual Plane was timeless, so there was no limit placed on Sol’s stay there. If no alarm bells rang signifying Egor’s meddling, he would not return until well refreshed. This was where Sol could spend quality Rest and Recreation with his Soul Mate.

Allowances had been made for when Sol was ‘Knowing’ and the simulation was sleeping for although there was only the One Dream by the One Dreamer – Yahweh – there were three extensions to the One Dream.

First of all there was the main extension – the Physical Plane where the contrasts of positive and negative forces – good and evil etc.-  needed to be experienced, the Spiritual Plane was the second extension of The Dream for in reality, there was only Yahweh – pure Self Awareness and nothing else.

The Spiritual Plane acted as a meeting point for all souls where they mainly met to discuss their different agendas and put together a group of souls that would assist each other with their missions on an upcoming physical life drama.

They could also revise the progress of a physical life drama that was still in progress. The Spiritual Plane was also there so souls such as Sol could reunite with loved ones that had permanently transitioned to ‘Knowing’ at the end of their human life simulation.

There was also a third extension of The Dream where Sol and his Soul Mate could rest and relax in perfect love, joy and peace – it was known by the souls as the ‘Heavenly Plane’…

Dan’s Quote: “Relax and realize that this is your story, you are Sol… 
_____________And you have an eternal Soul Mate patiently waiting for you.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘The Devil’s Marbles’ located south of Tennant Creek in Australia’s Northern Territory. – Believed to be the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent of Australian Aboriginal Dreaming

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