Virtual Reality 5


 EXCITEMENT was abuzz all across the Spiritual Plane for no matter how many birthoffs there were, every new human simulation was always an important event. Sol’s PSPR had been in standby mode ever since the main circulation pump had been switched on and now all was in readiness for the beginning of a new Physical Plane life experience.

 Sol was already in position at the front of the mind although he had no real need to be there, for the simulator had been set to automatic when the computer was first fired up and the preliminary count down initiated, but Sol was diligent and liked to do the final checks himself to make sure all was well.

Being an integral part of the simulator’s computer software, Egor was also in standby mode. He would not log on until there was enough past information, gathered automatically and uploaded into memory, to give him the data necessary for him to function. Until then, he was quietly dormant.

The Observer didn’t enter the mind until the human life simulation was well under way and Egor was fully involved in his duties of recording past data. That was when his guidance was needed, for it was when Egor had got used to his role that he tended to think he knew better than Sol and begin to chatter incessantly.

It would not be so bad if Egor knew what he was talking about, but he didn’t have a clue, so the Observer needed to be there to try and warn Sol to listen to him and not to Egor’s loud, unfounded advice, for this could lead to Sol losing control of the PSPR, or at worst, to lose the simulation.

Birthoff was initiated through another PSPR, a Physical Plane self who had been experiencing human life for quite some time already and had the ability to look after the new PSPR until sufficient data had been accrued in its computer memory banks to enable the simulated human to become more independent.

Sol needed the experienced Self’s help after birthoff as well, for Sol had to relearn how to handle a PSPR, as once settled down at his station in the newly active mind, he would no longer remember who he truly was or that he had guided many previous simulators.

The final checklist had been ticked off and communication established between Sol and the Physical Plane self in the birthing PSPR. All was ready. Sol was now at his most nervous. Yahweh tried to reassure him, telling Sol to trust in Him, but at such times and in fact, from then on, Sol usually didn’t listen.

Suddenly the parent PSPR began to contract, propelling Sol’s simulator towards birthoff. Sol turned up the volume slightly, switched on the front monitors and waited impatiently.

As Sol’s PSPR entered the final launch sequence, the front monitors showed a bright light ahead. To Sol, this was uncomfortable after so long in the subdued light of the unbirthed mind and scary too, for he was beginning to forget the truth and become a part of the simulated human body.

Then, Sol’s simulator emerged into the bright light of the Physical Plane. Human life had begun…

Dan’s Quote: “There is a greater Intelligence steering you along life’s path, 
____________have the trust to let go of the wheel and allow it to guide you.”- DJB


Top photo: ‘Space Shuttle Blastoff’ – PSPR – Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.

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