Virtual Reality 6


BRIGHT GLARING lights, so painful… Noise, a cacophony of sound… voices, loud voices, ‘What are they saying?’ “Ooo! What a lovely baby, he looks just like his Dad”… ‘Dad…  I have a Dad?.. I’ve heard voices before but they were always soft and soothing… now they sound unpleasant… Who am I?’

Sol did not immediately forget who he really was, although his memory was beginning to fade. He needed to stay in control for a little while after birthoff to ensure that all was working okay.

The simulator was still on automatic and Egor remained dormant, but checks had to be made and Sol was the only one who could do it.

He was now hooked up to the sensors that simulated physical life. There was the surround sound system that had been switched on from the start and the monitors that had been there on standby, but now he was attached to other sensors such as touch, smell, taste etc…and emotions, the toughest to get used to.

At this stage of simulation they were not too much of a problem, but as Egor gained experience, that’s when all hell can break loose – literally. Negative emotions… those are the ones that Egor relished, for with them, he could wield his false authority. Sol was not looking forward to that, but Egor’s overbearingness was to come later.

This stage of the simulation, while he still somewhat remembered his origins had always fascinated Sol. He had been an airline pilot in one of his previous human life simulations and he likened this sensation to the flight simulator that he had once spent so much time in whilst training.

When he looked out through the PSPR monitors, instead of an aircraft nose he saw an out of focus human nose. When he looked to the sides, instead of wings he saw human arms and hands, down below he saw a human torso rather than a aircraft fuselage and instead of landing gear there were human legs and feet.

Everything appeared to be so real and yet, like the view through the flight simulator monitors, they were all an illusion… made more realistic by the fact that he could also feel the appendages.

‘Who am I? Someone’s holding… the simulator… me… Who is holding Me?’..  Sol began to believe he was really a human being. ‘I feel a strange attraction to… is that the parent Physical Plane self?…

‘Mother… Mummy I feel empty… Wah! Wah!…. Why did I just do that? Ooo! She is offering me a bag of food… think I’ll have a suck, yum yum.

Who’s that looking at me with the big stupid grin… Oh Yes! That must be my new Daddy.’

Egor was beginning to rouse, the computer memory was storing information at a rapid rate to ensure survival and Egor was very eager to survive.

‘If I Wah! Wah! I get food. Hmmm… If I Wah! Wah! I can get anything I want.’ This suited Egor down to the ground. He was quickly gaining control of this Physical Plane self.

Sol was content for his belly was now full… ‘I feel Oh so sleepy’… The PSPR was working as it should, the simulator’s automatic system, sensing Sols readiness switched to manual. Sol slipped quietly into the role of a human being.

‘Bloody negative emotions’ – It would be a long and harsh life experience for Sol – compared to the loving, peaceful joy of the Spiritual Plane that is…

Dan’s Quote: “The trouble you get yourself into is all self inflicted,
_____________self awareness keeps you out of strife.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: My one and only darling grandchild Anakin – Middle: Anakin with his Mum and Dad. Bottom: Anakin, full of food, contented and fast asleep.
PSPR– Personal Sphere of Perceived Reality.-
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