Virtual Reality 4


ASSISTING Sol in his human life training program is the Instructor, directly connected to the Creator, who sits in the co-pilots seat of the PSPR beside Sol, quietly observing Sol’s progress and giving advice when needed, although no matter how many simulations Sol has carried out so far, he still finds it difficult most times to hear or heed that advice.

Easier to hear is the PSPR life engineer who sits in the seat behind Sol. His name is Egor and his task is to look after the onboard computer. He keeps records of every event, no matter how trivial, that occurs during the simulated lifetime, storing them away in memory on the simulator’s computer.

Unlike Sol, Egor can never leave the PSPR as he is a part of the simulator software. This tends to piss Egor off, as he would absolutely love to visit the Spiritual Plane and indeed be like Sol, eternal. He looks lovingly at the exit every time Sol leaves the mind but no matter how hard he tries, he is unable to pass through the threshold.

The truth is something Egor refuses to accept and that is, when this simulated lifetime is over, Egor becomes redundant. After life, the PSPR is reconfigured in readiness for the next training assignment, all records of Egor and his library of past events are deleted from memory and another new Egor is installed.

Only Sol, with the Creator, retains the complete records within them of the memories and missions accomplished during the present life simulation as well as all the other simulations Sol has performed since the beginning of his human life training.

Overseeing the whole operation is The Creator whose idea it was in the first place. Wanting to get to know Himself in form, He created a simulated  living physical universe – better known on the Spiritual Plane as ‘The Dream’.

The Creator is more affectionately known amongst the souls as Yahweh, coined not long after the human body simulator was first devised and had completed its initial trials for survival capabilities and then had later settled down into the more serious task of testing for successful evolutionary development.

There is also a backup of  souls, especially the ones in Sols family group, who, whether involved in a human life simulation at the time or resting between lives are there 24/7 to help Sol when needed.

That might appear impossible but time and space are only illusory concepts on the Physical Plane, (in The Dream) not on the Spiritual Plane, therefore the souls can be participating in a life simulation with all it’s drama as well as remaining available to assist others, including Sol, on the Spiritual Plane.

Sol settled back comfortably in the simulator and began to go through his pre-life check list as it was nearing time for blastoff … or better known on the Spiritual Plane as ‘Birthoff’…

Dan’s Quote: “You are never left to your own devices, there is always a multitude
____________ of loving friends just waiting to help… if you’ll let them.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Virtual Landscape – ‘Lake of Tranquillity’ .

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