Multiplicity 14


WHETHER our experience of life consists of multiple dimensional levels with infinite possibilities or not, we will not know until our present life’s journey on Earth is over, but it seems an intelligent way of gaining the maximum results from the learning experiences of each and every one of us Physical Plane selves.

Even if we eliminate the dimensional levels where we live out every possible variation of our own life, it still seems feasible for human life in general, for it appears that all humans exist separately, with each of us having a separate ego/body.

We could still surmise that our soul is not separate from the Creator, of which in truth we are, so our souls are able to experience each of our lifetimes, while the Creator experiences the total of physical life itself, from microbe to humans.

In reality, there is only oneness, nowhere does the Creator end and the Soul begin as something separate from him. This is the state of reality, the perfect oneness that has no counterpart in the physical world.

As was stated before, when trying to understand reality and oneness, we can only use a dualistic framework, for the ego’s framework is duality – words and concepts – and we believe we are the ego. Words are but symbols of symbols thus twice removed from reality, so are highly inadequate.

Our souls can never leave The Spiritual Plane for being timeless and spaceless, there is just nowhere to go – nor would they want to – they only dream of leaving, and they use the Infinite Moment for access to their dreams, like we use a microprocessor to watch movies.

We could say that we are awake on the Spiritual Plane, dreaming of exile on the Physical Plane. ‘The dream’ is a helpful symbol here because it is one with which everyone is familiar.

We all more or less understand the nature of nocturnal dreams – how real they seem while we are asleep and how unreal they suddenly become when we are awake. While we are awake – or think we are – the world seems very real and we think events actually happen.

Yet it is hardly the case, for the world occurs only in our mind. Therefore, as we go through our day, experiencing the world as being truly there, we need to remember ‘The dream’ and how our sleeping dreams appear to be so real. This will help us not take our lives quite as seriously as before.

I’ll finish this story with a quote I recently read from Rabbi David Cooper’s ‘Invoking Angels’: “The realm of angels is built upon a fundamental assumption – everything that exists is an expression of a life-giving force that is indescribable, unknowable, and boundless.

Anything we try to think about with regard to this is, by definition, less than it. Comparing the thinking mind to boundlessness is like comparing the width of a razor’s edge to the distance of a trillion light-years.”

Dan’s Quote: “The world we see is an outside picture of an inside condition.”- Ken Wapnick

Notes: Another word for boundlessness is ‘Infinity’.
My thanks to Ken Wapnick for some of his ideas and words used in this chapter – I hope he doesn’t mind.

Top photo: “Boundless Beauty” Dawn at the Terrigal Lagoon on the Central CoastNSW, Australia.

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