Multiplicity 13


DESCRIBING how our souls use the Infinite Moment to experience physical life is impossible to relate in words that us three dimensional beings would have any hope of understanding. We can only think of anything in terms of time, space and form and a description such as this must be timeless, spaceless and formless.

But anyway, here is a very inadequate three dimensional synopsis. Our souls use The Infinite Moment the same as we do a microprocessor. We can view and change the content on a microprocessor using a computer. Our souls can view and change the content on The Infinite Moment using free will.

This is how they work out their agenda and missions that they want to accomplish each lifetime. Once that lifetime movie is over, the Infinite Moment is updated and a new agenda is decided on before the soul attaches to another human body … well something like that …. or maybe not.

The problem us mere mortals have with understanding this is, the universe began with a Big Bang and yet it has no beginning. The creation of the universe is complete and yet it has no end. We have lived all our earthly lives and are now only reviewing them and yet we haven’t lived them.

We are already fully evolved as a species and yet we are still evolving. We have already conquered space and inhabit other star systems and yet we still haven’t travelled to Mars. Man has solved all the problems of the world and peace reigns supreme on Earth and yet the world is still full of chaos and upheaval.

See the problems we get into when we try to describe something that is timeless, thus indescribable. We can never make head nor tail of timelessness while we exist in a human body identified with the ego.  And even when we learn to not identify with our ego, we will still not be able to comprehend such an alien thought.

For this reality can only be understood on The Spiritual Plane, not on The Physical Plane. But there is no need to understand whilst we are here. Our awareness of our true origins is quite enough. That is enlightenment.

We can then live out our days on Earth with the sure knowledge that once our mission is complete, we will re-awaken in the timeless, spaceless realm that we have never really left, where everything will make sense, but not until then.

The world we appear to inhabit is an illusion, we are dreaming. The Infinite Universe is like the ripples on a pond, it is not set in stone, rather it is a combination of fluid dimensional waves that vibrate like musical rhythms as they mix and merge in harmony with the Universal Dream.

We live out our dreams of life, constantly vibrating from one fluid level to the other, as we dance to the tune of the cosmic symphony…

Dan’s Quote: “We are creatures of time in a timeless reality.”- DJB

Note: Headlines 20 Feb 2012. PARIS (AFP) –
“Researchers in Australia have made with pinpoint accuracy a working transistor consisting of a single atom, marking a major stride towards next-generation computing.
 The research was reported in the specialist journal Nature Nanotechnology.”

Top photo: “The Dreamer” – ‘Tranquility’ by Larafairie.

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