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REALITY is infinite, spaceless, timeless nothingness. There is no here, there is no there, there is no some other anywhere, there is only Super Intelligence and the only way It can be anywhere at all but where It eternally resides is to dream. You are that Intelligence, you are that Dreamer – there is really only you.

Each of us is just one expression of the One Dreamer dreaming the one dream. That dream is the world we see around us that we believe is real, but it is not, it is an illusion, more elaborate than our normal nocturnal dreams maybe, but otherwise no different.

While we are dreaming our nightly dreams, we believe they are real. It is not until we wake up in the morning that we suddenly become aware of how unreal they really were. This we understand.

Harder to understand is that it is the same for our dream of life, while we appear to be living in the world that surrounds us, we believe it is real – when we die, we suddenly wake up in the infinite, spaceless, timeless, nothingness from which we never really left and realize it was also just a dream.

We find it impossible to wrap our understanding around the fact that all this we are experiencing is just a fantasy. It seems so real. As was stated in the story of Multiplicity, when trying to understand reality, oneness and infinity, we can only use our egos dualistic framework, using words and concepts.

Therefore, any dualistic explanation of the way that our true self experiences the dream of physical life, falls far short of an adequate description, but such an explanation is the only way us dualistic creatures can get any sort of an idea of how it all might work – while we are here on Earth that is.

Before I attempt to do that though, I would like to loosely quote you from an article I read in A Course In Miracles that sets the scene and is I believe, pertinent to the story I am about to tell.

“We all have been taught, believe and experience – consciously or not – that we were born into a world that preceded us and will succeed us after we die. None of that is true. We – the decision part of our minds – made the world, which has never left it’s source in the collective mind.

We made the body to be imperfect, sicken and fail – we made relationships, government leaders, machines and even weather patterns to fail. Indeed, we made everything to fail, which induces us to believe that the problem is external and demands attention and solution.

From the beginning of what we think of as life to the present day, we have tried to make the imperfect perfect, the horrible beautiful and the limited limitless – and we have failed abysmally.

That is why the world is in no better shape today than it was twenty five hundred years ago, twenty five thousand years ago, or twenty five million years ago. There is nothing you can do to change the world, but you can change how you react to it.”

Our reaction changes with our dawning awareness that this is not reality – it is virtual reality…

Dan’s Quote: “But it all feels so real, the pain, the sorrow,
_____________the love, the joy, and yet…”



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