Mind WorX – Trouble

WHILE EVER we believe we are our name and body, we will regard our physical environment as troublesome. Even when our life is one of relative peace and contentment, we will still be on edge, ever wary and at the ready in case something comes along to stuff up our day or maybe even our whole life.

Our troubles are real only in the sense that we identify with them as being ‘mine’ and consequently, we are tormented by them, but they are not real in a higher sense. All those troubles are within our own mind not out there, so if we can realize that fact, we can learn how to escape from the confines of our habitual mind.

Once we stand aside and impartially watch how we handle day to day living and become consciously aware of the tidal wave of thoughts that race incessantly within our mind, we will realize that we are not this troubled person at all but rather, an observer, thus the troubles that bubble and seethe in the ego’s habitual mind no longer exist for us, though they will still exist for those that continue to be lost in the egos drama.

Once we are conscious, we can then accept the fact that while living this life on earth, we must by necessity, experience life through the ego/body that has our name stamped on it just the same as before. Without identifying with it as being ‘me’ we still realize its importance and the need to care for it, nurture it and make sure that it is hale, hearty and well fed.

Whilst still feeling the pains, pleasures, fears and agonies of this diverse world, the difference now is we don’t identify with them any longer. Conscious awareness then allows us to competently use free will to guide us on a true course through life’s upheavals, so physical life and the preservation at all costs of our body loses its seriousness and drama.

We virtually go along for the ride as a bystander so to speak, accepting whatever happens unconditionally, though with awareness, doing the best that we can, for we now realize that whatever happens to us is for a divine purpose, designed by our true self for our own eternal benefit.

It all depends how we take the truth. It is difficult for us to realize we are not who we ‘think’ we are. All of our troubles are caused from within ourselves, not from some exterior cause, so we continually have the choice of being the unconscious ringmaster of the circus of life or the consciously aware conductor of the symphony of life. It is up to us which we choose to be…

Note: Inspiration for part of this post is due to the writings of Vernon Howard.

Dan’s Quote: “Life is a progress from want to want,
_____________not from enjoyment to enjoyment.”- Samuel Johnson

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