Mind WorX – Struggle

EVERYONE of us, bar none, wants the sweet easy life, we want to enjoy wonderful experiences, pleasurable pastimes. Some of us want to feel the exhilarating bodily sensations of thrills and spills, sexual climax, the euphoria of ingesting narcotic substances or even tasty, ‘moreish’ food, but we are not here for that, we are here to learn.

We don’t want to struggle in our daily lives, but in reality, that is exactly what we are meant to do. That may sound terrible, a truth we do not want to hear, so we (the ego) try to avoid suffering caused by unpleasantness in life by daydreaming in the past in which we eagerly pursue pleasant experiences, a selfish pursuit that exacerbates the struggles and strife that is so much a part of our everyday physical life.

Our true self that is always there behind our eyeballs, quietly observing life, enjoys whatever comes along. The decision to enjoy or not enjoy life, to struggle or accept what is with a smile, depends entirely on which self we take as our reality. Every event, whether we label it good or bad is meant to be, adding to our true self’s total experience of physical life.

Life is really lesson after lesson or as our true self would say, ‘blessing after blessing.’ We don’t experience it that way simply because we don’t see it that way and the only reason we don’t see it that way is because the wrong we is trying to see and understand it.

In this business of life, “What you see is what you get.” If you ‘think’ you are looking at struggle, struggle is what you will experience. If you decide that you are looking at the gift of a lesson in life (even if you can’t see it clearly in this exact moment), a gift is what you will get.

Perspective is everything. A totally different you can emerge from a totally different idea that you have about yourself. All it takes is a decision to change your mind about Who You Are and why you are here.

Every one of us is struggling with physical life, everyone. No matter if we are rich or poor, healthy or infirm, we are all suffering to some degree and if someone tells you different, they are either liars or deluded and if you do not believe you struggle, then you are either lying to yourself, or are also deluded.

The stark truth is, if life was not a struggle, we would have no need to be here- in fact we would not be here, for that is the whole purpose of this finite world of time and space and the life we are experiencing on earth.

This physical lifetime contains the experiences and lessons that we (and the collective ‘We’) need to learn. The state of the world, in the scheme of things, matters not. By looking at life with vision and understanding, accepting unconditionally what is, we magically change our whole outlook on life from one of suffering and despair to one of wonder, enjoyment and anticipation…

Note: Inspiration for part of this post came from an article by Neale Donald Walsch.

Dan’s Quote: “Felicity, the companion of content, is rather found in our own breasts
_________than in the enjoyment of external things; and I firmly believe it requires 
_________but a little philosophy to make a man happy in whatever state he is.”- Daniel Boone

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