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LETTING go of our personal possessions does not mean we would become paupers and live a life of destitution in a cave somewhere. The only thing we need to let go of is our attachment to them. We must stop regarding them as mine.

These names we label ourselves and our stuff with, (mine, my, I and me) are impediments to our advancement towards becoming mature spiritual/physical beings and competent, conscious co-creators of our world.

Calling what belonged to us as ‘mine’ was necessary back in our caveman days for it helped us survive. It was important that we had a body that we called mine, a shelter, food, clothing etc that we called mine. This was essential so we could fight to keep my body from being killed and eaten or to keep my necessary belongings for survival from being pinched by someone else and thus become theirs, threatening our livelihood.

But that Stone Age mentality is no longer needed. We have left those primitive days far behind us and in our modern world today, we no longer need to attach our personality to what we have. The problem is though, we still do.

We are still afraid of getting my stuff taken away from me or my body getting hurt or killed. It is time for us to stop being so primitive, possessive and selfish and have trust in a higher self that we do not as yet understand.

We can never understand or even come into contact with that higher self until we give up the primitive habitual outlook on life that we continue to have. We simply can’t have both at the same time. The life we now live is the ‘old life’ from the past that is stored in the egos library.

The old is done and gone – it is high time for mankind to move on to the ‘new life’ that is patiently waiting for us when we gain the courage. First we have to take that leap of faith into newness, not knowing where we will land.

Once we have mentally released the hold we have on our personal belongings and everything else we call mine, we will continue on our merry way as before. We can have all the material acquisitions we like but by no longer naming them as mine and considering them part of our essential selves, we no longer suffer loss if circumstances occur in our physical life that means we no longer have them.

Releasing our hold on the objects we hold so dear is very hard for us even if we understand intellectually that we need to let them go. We dread the thought that we might at any time lose our home – our car – our possessions, our friends and especially our body. They have become so much a part of who we think we are that to lose any of them would be like losing a vital part of ourselves. We would feel the full emotions of fear, heartbreak and loss.

From this possessive mind set stems our insatiable greed. We can never get enough stuff, enough money, enough resources and enough expensive trinkets to flash about. Our insatiable need to accrue more and more material objects causes all our wars, crime and killings that occur every day in our unstable world.

The ridiculous fact is that if we are brave enough to release our mental hold on our possessions, we don’t actually lose any of our stuff at all. They remain with us, exactly as they are now for our use and enjoyment.

The only thing that changes is our attitude towards them. From believing them to be part of our essential selves, they become what they really are, commodities that help us on our journey through a physical life.

Remember, in realty we are Non-Physical beings experiencing a physical world. Material objects provide the necessary tools we need to live a life in a physical body. They are not ours or even a part of us, they are part of this physical world and will be discarded when our journey has been completed – our body included…..

Dan’s Quote: “By letting it go it all gets done. 
____________The world is won by those who let it go. 
____________But when you try and try – the world is beyond the winning.”- Lao Tzu

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