19: Which Sex Is Better?

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DURING my association with the birds, I have come to a very ego shattering and difficult realization. As I have always tried to write this story truthfully and factually, for the birds sake, for they cannot tell their story themselves, it’s time to ‘fess up.

The fact is: ‘Female birds are gutsier, braver, more daring and more trusting than their male counterparts.’ There, I’ve admitted something than I have known underneath for a long time, but haven’t had the guts to admit to myself – or to anyone else – but it is regretfully true.

The same female bravado runs through all the species of birds that visit my balcony railing. Although I never realized it at the time, the first to show her mettle was Chubby the butcherbird. She is the original Squeaky’s partner.

( Chubby is pictured right)

While Squeaky was perched on the railing ‘squeaking’ impatiently to be served, Chubby would be quietly waiting on the floor at my door. When I opened it, she would not move, but wait and then sit either at (or nearly on) my feet or on the door track to be fed. I would literally drop the food into her open mouth.

She would patiently wait her turn while I fed Squeaky and any other birds that arrived in the meantime, no impatient squeaks escaped her beak, no looking with disdain at the other birds, she would simply wait, for she had the trust to know that I would serve her in her turn.

The same goes for  the magpies, the peewees and the noisy miners. There is a ‘line in the sand’ with all wild birds and if you cross it they will move away.

The female line is fairly close to them. I can get to almost but not quite touch Mum, Brucette, Curi, Chubby and the other female butcherbirds.

( Brucette is pictured perched on my head to the left)

The male ‘line in the sand’ is a fair distance from them, even for Squeaky, who has been visiting the railing from day one and was the reason for writing this story.

Dad’s ‘line in the sand’ has moved further away from him ever since the time of the interloper where I bashed a stick of wood on the guttering scaring the living daylights out of him as well as the interloper.

It’s the same with Bruce and Squeaky and the other males who haven’t got a name, it is easy to tell what sex they are by how quickly they move away from you when they think you are getting a bit too close.

I have to literally throw the hamburger to the males, where with the females, I just need to toss it, as long as it leaves my hand before it reaches them, they are quite happy.

Brucette and Curi are exceptions to the rule for they are especially trusting and will perch on my lap and eat out of my hand but even then, rules still apply, they can touch me, but I can’t touch them. ( Brucette and Curi are pictured on my knee below)

Brucette is jealous I feel, of the privilege she has with me and will actually show off to the other birds by perching on my head (as shown above) or hand as well as my lap if there are other birds being fed.
She will do this particularly if Mum and Dad are there – and God help Curi if she is caught on my lap when Brucette turns up – poor Curi gets the short shrift I can tell you.

Of course this raises another startling and horrible thought – Do the females of our own human species have the same bravado as the feathered variety?

In other words, are females of all species, humans included, more gutsier, braver and more trusting than us males? Are they in fact, better than us?

I believe that maybe the truth, that’s what they keep telling us anyway…Bugger!..

Dan’s Quote: “I realized that If I had to choose, 
______________I would rather have birds than airplanes.”- Charles Lindbergh


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