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IMAGES recording who we are, (our identity) the history of our lifetime from birth until the present day, are made available in the egos library. These images can be accessed via our human brain during this current lifetime. Their permanent location though is elsewhere. By comparing the brain to a computer we might be able to understand somewhat how and where those records of our present identity are permanently stored.

A brain is composed of materials that include neurons, glands and mushy matter and uses the ego as the intelligence to make it work. A computer is composed of materials that include transistors, circuit boards and plastic and uses the microchip as the intelligence to make it work. Although made up of different stuff, they do somewhat the same job.

A computer contains folders of files and images to assist in the successful operation of the machine. Each computer has a specific identity and the folders contained in its memory are for that particular machine only. The computer, by itself is inert and inoperable and needs something other than microchips, circuit boards and plastic to make it work efficiently. That other is us!

A brain contains folders of files and images to assist in the successful operation of the body. Each body has a specific identity and the folders contained in its memory are for that particular body only. The brain, by itself is inert and inoperable and needs something other than ego, nerves, neurons and mushy matter to make it work efficiently. That other is consciousness!

With the computer, we as the operator, contain within our memory, (although it is difficult to recall) the knowledge of all the computers that we have ever owned, including all the folders, files and images in those computers, not just the current data held in the present computer’s memory.

With our brain, consciousness as the operator, contains within it, (with no difficulty in recalling) the knowledge of all the earthly identities that we ever were, including all the records of all those identities, not just the current records of the identity held in the memory of our present life’s brain.

Consciousness holds within itself, the complete set of folders, files and images (the identity) of our present life, plus all our past identities, whose image folders remain pristine and eternally accessible to consciousness for the purpose of learning and getting to know our self.

It is difficult to explain in human terms how this is so, but the following scenario might serve as a rough comparison of how it may work.

You are an aspiring actor with your local theater group that puts on one act shows to entertain the community. Your first role is that of a clown named Bongo. Being full of enthusiasm, you put your all into it, so much so that you forget who you really are for the time and believe instead you are Bongo. When the show is over, you take off your makeup and you are Mary or Joe Blow again. You enjoyed playing a part in a stage show.

Knowing who you are, you still vividly remember your role as Bongo. There were some really intense moments in the play and some sad ones too mixed with the comical. You learned a lot when acting that part. A few days after the performance, the director approaches you saying, “You did a good job, you have the makings of a fine actor.”

He adds, “I have another role for you to play in my next production. This time I want you to play the part of an Eskimo named Ingoo.” You jump at the chance to learn more about yourself and further test your acting abilities.

You throw yourself into the role the same as you did with Bongo – and as last time – you get so wrapped up in the role that for the length of the performance, you believe you really are Ingoo.

Once again, when you take off the makeup, you are Mary or Joe and Ingoo was just a part you were playing in a stage drama. You still vividly remember your role as Ingoo. You can still feel the cold of the arctic, (supplied by air-con) this time you learned even more about yourself and your capabilities, not only as an actor, but yourself in general.

The one night acting stands keep coming and the roles you play are many and varied, but enjoyable just the same. You are asked on many occasions to play other people in different stage performances which you eagerly accept.  Each time you learn a bit more about yourself whilst honing your skills as an actor.

You continue to lose yourself in each and every character that you play, enjoying the experience immensely, forgetting for the time that you are just plain old Mary or Joe Blow playing a part. You find that you still fully remember your early roles as Bongo the clown and Ingoo the Eskimo just as vividly as the many other characters that you have played over the time.

You realize that each role you took on not only played an important part in your growing expertise as an actor, but those identities contributed to and enhanced the knowledge of who you are. You are now a different person professionally and personally since you played those first characters of Bongo and Ingoo.

Between shows, you often join with the other actors that played with you in those many productions, to reminisce and learn more about acting and yourself, or to just chill out and enjoy each other’s company, for you were and are still, part of something very special. You are full of enthusiasm and eagerly await the next character you will play in the newest production drama.

Consciousness retains our identity forever. We cannot lose something that we are – and who we really are – is consciousness, that has played many parts in life’s dramas. The part we are playing in the present production is the life of the individual identity we are now.

Being so wrapped up in the character we are now playing, we have temporarily forgotten our true identity. Awareness of who we really are can be realized during the performance with conscious self awareness.

If not – have no fear, memory will fully return when we take the makeup off after the show is over. That is what conscious awareness is all about!

Dan’s Quote: “You are not who you think you are…
_____________you are someone entirely different.”- Vernon Howard

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