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CONSCIOUSNESS is timeless. It was never born and does not die. In its pure state, it is the un-manifested, the eternal – it is our spiritual self. Consciousness uses the human mind as a means to experience and learn about itself. In the physical universe it appears to be subject to time and undergo an evolutionary process. The human body is the vehicle used for this process.

Through the human body, consciousness fulfills its destiny, which is a journey from unconsciousness to conscious awareness of its true self. The physical universe and the human body were created solely for this purpose. Consciousness enters the human form at birth, or thereabouts.

When it does so, it enters a dreamlike state. Intelligence remains, but consciousness becomes unconscious of itself. It gets lost in the physical world and thus, indentifies only with physical form.

The human brain is the form through which consciousness experiences physical life. The brain does not create consciousness, consciousness created the brain, the most complicated physical form on earth. When the brain gets damaged, it does not mean we lose consciousness, it means consciousness can no longer use that form.

You cannot lose consciousness because it is in essence, who you are. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are. When the physical experience is over, consciousness exits (removes consciousness from the physical machine) and the human body dies.

On earth, the ego is the eyes through which consciousness views and identifies with physical form. The egos work station is the brain, a complicated network of one hundred billion nerve cells, or neurons, that control every aspect of the human body’s operating system, such as heart rate, breathing, food intake, digestion, elimination etc. This important work for the survival of the body is left mainly to the ego as manager.

Another task the ego fulfills is that of librarian. This job requires the ego to index folders of files and images into a library that can be easily accessed for referencing. The images stored in the library are a permanent record of the physical journey of consciousness this time around and are orchestrated by consciousness, not by the ego. The egos role, as librarian, is to organize and catalogue the image folders stored in the library of the past, under strict instructions, set out by consciousness before physical life begins.

The inability of the ego to access those image folders caused by sickness, accident or age of the body machine that may cause forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or any inability to perform certain physical tasks, is not caused by a fault in the quality of the images themselves, but on the competency of the librarian that is charged with accessing and activating them.

Mind in its purest form is the venue from which consciousness views the physical world. The mind becomes clouded at physical birth by the influence of the ego, causing unconsciousness of spirit. During our lifetime, the mind is shared between consciousness and the custodian of the human body – the ego. That is the way it is supposed to be.

Consciousness desires to know itself and evolve in form, which takes time, but its natural state is timeless – eternal, so a physical universe was created to allow the necessary time needed for this evolutionary process.

Consciousness was unaware of itself at the beginning of the human journey on earth. The master plan was to evolve to full conscious awareness of itself at the end. At which time, a new world will form.
That is the destiny of consciousness laid down at the beginning of time. The ego plays an important part in this sequence of events -a sequence that is now nearing completion.

The ego is part of the machine used by consciousness for each human journey. At the end of which, the ego deceases with the machine that it has for that time, had control of. An ego will be part of the body used for the next human life journey of consciousness and so on.

The record of each human journey stored in the minds library as indelible images of past lives is kept by consciousness as a permanent record. Consciousness – which is who you really are – retains these images after physical life ends and continues to full identify with them, as you, an individual personality – eternally.

In other words, the person you think you are now continues on indefinitely. The only change is that after death, you will also remember all the identities you once were in past lives. The mind plays a very important part in all this, as does the ego.

They are indispensible to the experience of physical life and in the evolution of consciousness.

Dan’s Quote: “The time is fast approaching for the soul to remember its origins… 
_________to become consciously aware of the ego and its purpose, as well as its eternal self.”

*Inspiration for this story came from Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth.’

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