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WHAT EXACTLY does it mean to walk out the front door of our library of the past and into the light? It sounds so simple that you might be wondering why it is made out to be such a big thing. So let’s look at it more closely and find out why taking those steps will be so hard for you to do.

Walking out of your library of the past means leaving ‘your self’ behind, or more precisely, the self you think you are. A self that you have grown very attached to over time. You can take the body you are using at the moment and the name you call yourself with you, but what is most difficult is, you must leave the history of you behind.

Your history is who you have been over the course of your lifetime. The story of you that you continually tell yourself in your mind. All of your reminiscing about yourself, all of your wishful thinking about what you want and all those very private thoughts that you keep to yourself and would not dare tell another living soul about.

All of these are memories of who you once were and all of those memories are stored in your library, so when you think about yourself, you are really thinking about who you once were, including your thoughts about your future, which are only old memories of who you once were projected forward.

If you can gather the courage to step out of your library into the light, you won’t be able to take any of those memories with you, you won’t be able to think about yourself at all for there is no old you anymore, outside of your library walls there is only the ever renewing present moment – The Now.

You are born anew every moment, each now moment is fresh and vibrant. Outside your library everything is forever new. When you look at a rose or a sunset say, there are no memories anymore to compare them with. They have a fresh beauty all of their own and in the instant you drink in their fleeting beauty, it is gone.

It is the same with every person you meet, including loved ones. Outside of the library, there are no longer any  records of what they were like yesterday, last year or even a second ago.

You accept them unconditionally as they are in the now moment – and accept them once again in the next moment and the next ….

The same goes for anyone that in your old life in the past, you didn’t like. Those memories are gone too, so they too are newly greeted each and every moment and unconditionally accepted by you with no old baggage.

Now, how hard do you think it would be to leave your whole past life behind in your library of the past, in other words, leave your ego behind, taking with you only your body and name?

Pretty hard AY! But I’ll tell you something? Your true self is already like that, and always has been….

Dan’s Quote: “We are not blinded by the light of awareness, 
_____________we are blinded by the dark of ignorance.”- Danny Brand


When you looked at the sunset in the header photo, did you appreciate its beauty for what it is, or did you grade it by comparing it with all the other sunsets you’ve seen?
And what about the rose?

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