The Library 6


THE ONLY REASON it is so hard for you to step out of your library and into the new is that you still believe that you are your illusory self (ego) and the last thing in the world your ego/self wants to do is step out of that library, for to do so means the end of the illusion.

Even if you understand academically what you need to do, you will still find it very difficult. Trying only makes it worse, for any effort you use is ego effort, it will hoodwink you if it can by pretending to be a sincere seeker of the light.

‘Oh Yes!’ The ego/you exclaims, ‘I am now awakened and overjoyed at the thought of walking out into the light, to be free at last to live in a world full of joy and peace.’ – But only if your past accompanies you. You may think that you could live with that, but wait, what about your pain….

Your ego would continue to be what it always has been, selfish, greedy, cruel and uncaring and if you don’t toe the line you will be punished, as you are now, with depression, unhappiness, anger, despair. You would not be free at all but would continue to be at the mercy of your ego as you are now.

In the meantime, your soul, or true self is continuing to do exactly what it came here to the Physical Plane to do, experience a human lifetime and learn. Surprisingly, it has never been inside your library of the past!

‘If my soul is my true self, how can that be’ you might ask? As your soul is an individuation of the One Creator, you appear to be an individuation of your soul. That is not strictly correct but is rather the illusion of a deluded mind – and you are the deluded one.

You believe in separation – in a separate self. You are not really separate from your soul at all, only your belief in separation makes it appear that way, so while you unconsciously suffer the egos illusion, you are truly deceived.

Your soul has been enjoying your life’s adventure ever since you were born. You are the only one missing out. Because of your delusion in thinking you are separate, you suffer the illusion of your ego while your true self continues merrily along.

By having the courage to walk out of your library of the past, leaving your ego behind, will allow you to ‘catch up’ with your soul/true self and consciously join in this exciting adventure of your lifetime.

It’s not the case that you will then cease to be your ego and become your soul – rather with awareness, you will shed the illusion of the ego and reunite with your soul – a unity that you have never really lost – only in your sick and delirious mind.

If you are going to ‘catch up’, you’ll need to know what your souls agenda is for your lifetime, that so far, you have been missing out on…

Dan’s Quote: “We may think the world is full of despair
_____________but it isn’t, it’s just full of ego.”- Danny Brand

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