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Mind WorX – Spirituality

REGARDLESS of what we may believe, we can never be there in the now moment to observe or take in the beauty of a rose or a sunset in its natural state of being – which is always new – we can only see a later image of them, which is always old.

It is the same for every material object that we create in our life journey – it is always new, (only it’s stored image can be possessed, for the image lives in time) – but in the reality of itself, it can never be owned or possessed. It just is, pure, perfect and fresh, to be appreciated when it is – and also when it is not.

While we are under the spell of the ego, we can never possess anything new, or even see newness – we can only see and own something after the ego has stored an image of it in its library of the past. Then we only see a representation of it, the way it was, which we automatically compare with all the other objects of the same type and then judge whether it is better or worse, lovelier or uglier.

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Mind WorX – Reality 2

SOME revelations about how we approach life cannot be repeated too many times for at this stage of mankind’s evolution it is of the utmost importance that we learn to understand ourselves and reality, even if it is only an intellectual understanding for a start. We can progress from there, for humanity is on the brink of major change.

Some of us will learn a bit quicker than others but like the lighted candle effect, it only takes one to see the light for us all too see the light. To do that, first we must mentally stand aside and observe ourselves and the way our present mind determines what the world is like, for instance ….

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Mind WorX – Reality 1

WHAT can you possibly do about the state of the world today? When we look at all the problems out there, it’s a right old mess – the worsening global economy that appears to be on the brink of collapse, the civil unrest, the wars, the ever present threat of terrorism, people that are suffering from starvation and malnutrition etc, you may wonder how you, as an individual can possibly do anything about it.

We believe it is just too big and overpowering and far above our capabilities so instead we march in protest against the problems we believe are out there, we strike against our employers we believe are doing us wrong, we ban anything we believe is inappropriate, we remonstrate against the way we believe we are being forced to live by others – and at the same time, we demand that those very same others solve the world’s problems.

But those others are just you in a different body. All of those others whether Presidents, Popes or Prime Ministers, are individuals the same as you. They look at the world from behind their own eyeballs, the same as you do.  They have the same dreams, the same nightmares as you do, they commit the same ‘sins’ as you do, they have the same hopes, aspirations and the same selfish concerns for their own survival as you do.

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Mind WorX – Freedom

EVERYTHING in the physical world comes from the earth – Every-‘Thing’. All of our treasured possessions, all of the fabrics and bodily ornaments we cover and adorn ourselves with, all of our buildings, houses, trains, planes, boats, spaceships and automobiles are either extracted from or grown from the soil of Planet Earth.

We (our bodies) are also part of the Earth which comes from the stardust of the physical universe. From the dirt, clay, rocks, metals, minerals, liquids and gases of the earth, mankind either cultivates all the food, drinks and the medicines that sustain us, or we fashion them into all those other material ‘things’ we believe we can’t do without.

When our life’s journey comes to an end and we return to the non-physical, the place from whence we came, all that material stuff that sustained our bodies and provided the pleasures and treasures we so desperately held onto during our short stay here, returns to Mother Earth, the place from whence it came.

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Mind WorX – Liberation

LETTING go of our personal possessions does not mean we would become paupers and live a life of destitution in a cave somewhere. The only thing we need to let go of is our attachment to them. We must stop regarding them as mine.

These names we label ourselves and our stuff with, (mine, my, I and me) are impediments to our advancement towards becoming mature spiritual/physical beings and competent, conscious co-creators of our world.

Calling what belonged to us as ‘mine’ was necessary back in our caveman days for it helped us survive. It was important that we had a body that we called mine, a shelter, food, clothing etc that we called mine. This was essential so we could fight to keep my body from being killed and eaten or to keep my necessary belongings for survival from being pinched by someone else and thus become theirs, threatening our livelihood.

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