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Mind WorX – Enjoyment

RECENTLY I received an email written by an eminent thinker and author that loosely said, “Food was never intended to be used as enjoyment. Food was intended to be used as nourishment. When we use food as fun, our body has no fun at all. It works harder, and it ultimately can’t fight off the effects of mistreatment.

We put on more weight, which puts more strain on our heart. Our body’s arteries get clogged, which does the same thing. We could, of course, define enjoyment another way. We could decide that ‘enjoyment’ is being healthy and happy. But we might have to change our whole idea about food.” 

He is quite right of course as well we all know, most of us have a constant battle to keep our weight in check, which means not eating the food we enjoy eating. In fact, if we take a moment to look at food in general, almost any food that is bad for our bodies is the tastiest, yummiest, most delicious and most sought after food of all, salty, sugary, fatty, creamy, there is no need to write a list, we all know what they are.

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Mind WorX – Losing

AS with ‘Winning,’ ‘Losing’ is also just a word in the dictionary. We cannot lose any-thing. Things are of the physical world and thus are ever changing and yet we all fear the loss of our treasured possessions, our loved ones, our financial and personal security, but most of all we fear the loss of ourselves – the human body and the name we know ourselves as.

We may lead a mundane, boring life and yet we fear losing it, we may have a nagging, drunken or overbearing partner and our kids may be uncontrollable but we fear the loss of any of them. Put in a nutshell, we fear the loss of the familiar. The unfamiliar is scary and unknown and yet in reality, every new moment is unknown.

What we really fear losing is the memories of all those familiar ‘things’ whether people or possessions. All materials things exist only in the now moment, ever fresh and new, if needed they may or may not appear in the next now moment for that is just what is.

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Mind WorX – Winning

OUR individual contribution is of the utmost importance to the overall experience of physical life, for it is our own personal perception of the world as seen through the individual belief systems and perspectives of each one of us that when added together provides variety and texture to physical life as experienced by Universal Spirit – which is you and I in reality.

That is why each one of us is so special, whether we are playing the part of a ‘goodie’ or a ‘baddie’ does not matter, our contribution to the whole is equally important, for in reality, we are the whole. Both villains and saints are needed in the mix to provide the contrasts of positive and negative forces that are part and parcel of this finite world.

We each take our turn at playing all roles in life’s drama, and karma is the deciding factor for which part we play next lifetime. Prince or pauper, black or white, Jew or Muslim, protestant or catholic, we have played them all and will play them again.

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Mind WorX – The Game

CONTRARY to all appearances, we are all loving and worthy beings. In spirit, we are really just different expressions of the One Universal Intelligence. We are purposely designed to be here, experiencing the wonders of physical life.

The game of cops and robbers that we are playing here on earth is just that – a game.

Some of us play the goodies and some of us play the baddies. As with any game, we need to learn how to play. Some rules (lessons) are learned by being the goodie and some are learned by being the baddie – so the next game we play (physical life) we may swap sides to even out our overall experience of physical life.

The game of life is not defined as the absence of challenging circumstances, but as the absence of anger about them. In other words, they are not to be taken too seriously. Of course, it is natural to become “fed up” with some of the worst conditions of physical life. Yet the objective of the game is in embracing a perspective that allows us to look into the face of those challenges and demonstrate who we are in spite of them.

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Mind WorX – Words

WE will never get to where we want to be spiritually, in time, our true self is already there now – for now is all there is. Time is an illusion, an invention of the ego’s physical world and so while we wait to become enlightened sometime in the future, we will never reach that goal. It will always be just ahead of us like a carrot in front of a donkey.

It matters not, how many times we’ve read and heard the words God, consciousness, enlightenment, awareness or any other words like that, regardless of how many times we’ve heard those words – we have not experienced them.
We’ve thought about them many times, we’ve read the words over and over, we’ve written those words on pieces of paper, but no matter what we try and ‘do’ to understand the meaning of those words, they have not been our personal life experience.

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