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BECAUSE you are so convinced you are real, you can’t possibly imagine a life after death that does not include you as an essential part of it. The fear of you not being anymore is simply too terrifying to contemplate. But as unimaginable as it seems, you do not survive death – not as the ‘you’ you know yourself to be – for the truth is, you are not who you think you are.

Your separate name and individual self that you so protectively nurture, is in reality insignificant and totally dispensable, your human story so trivial, your survival or non-survival so unimportant, that you will not even be worth remembering once your life is over. What you do, how you act, whether you are good or bad or otherwise, matters not one iota in the scheme of things.

There is no condemnation, no penalties, no hell – and no heaven for you. You find that very confronting and inconceivable in your present state of mind, where you firmly believe you are so utterly important, but that is an illusion caused by your belief that you are real.

You simply can’t bear to face the truth that you really don’t exist at all, and never have – you are an illusion, an apparition in the mind of God. What is and does continue to exist is God, and only God, nothing else – and you are God.

The notion that ‘you are God’ doesn’t sit well with your self perception, for to you, God is just another person, separate from the person that you are. This God that you are told you are, is so far removed from your present idea of who you are, that you have not the courage nor the mental capability to even contemplate such a truth.

But you do continue forever – as God – not as you presently know yourself to be, and that thought deeply confuses you. You just can’t comprehend the fact that someone else, supposedly out there or up there somewhere, a person you don’t sense in any way as being you at all, is who you truly are, and not your pseudo self that is in this moment, trying so confusedly to understand it all…

Dan’s Quote: “Your true eternal existence is so overwhelming and sacred,
______________that in comparison, your mundane human life is inconsequential.” 


An Inside Story 118

VIRTUAL REALITY 25 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


BENEVOLENT simulations have occurred many times since Creation, most notably with the simulation of a human being named Jesus. Not the Jesus of religious doctrine, where he has been misrepresented to the extreme, but the real Jesus. The human Jesus was as ‘Unknowing’ as any other human being, but Yahweh had certain doorways in his mind purposely left slightly ajar.

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An Inside Story 117

VIRTUAL REALITY 24 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


APART from souls needing to undergo negative life experiences, both physical and mental, in their journey towards enlightenment, they also need to experience human body dysfunctions of all kinds, including eating disorders such as obesity and anorexia, plus all the other illnesses, dis-eases, (which means ‘the body is not at ease’) maladies and deformities that affect the physical human body.

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An Inside Story 116

VIRTUAL REALITY 23 ~ a Soul’s Journey


EVERY single human being on earth, whether they are so called good or bad, transitions to the Spiritual Plane when they die, every one of them, for in reality there are no bad people. All so called badness is only the negativity that is used as a learning tool to contrast against the positives that all souls enjoy in their true home in Heaven.

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An Inside Story 115

VIRTUAL REALITY 22 ~ a Soul’s Journey


SOL’S next human life plan was quite involved. It must have a clearly defined objective, yet allow Sol total free will. The simulation would include a complete human personality based on the lessons Sol had already learned, plus the ones he had yet to learn. There needed to be a set of goals to be accomplished, challenges to be overcome, experiences to be gained and fears to be faced.

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