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Wrapped In Flesh

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TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR BODY, but look at it from a completely impersonal perspective, free of any thought about it, without any sense of ownership. Look in the mirror at your face, your eyes, but look without the thinking mind. What do you see?

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Facing The Storms Of Life

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WE ARE TOLD THAT IF WE BECOME ENLIGHTENED, or awakened, or consciously aware, it will assist us in understanding the reason for life and most importantly, who we are and why we are here. We are also told that our life will become free of problems.

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Selfless Awareness


A LOT IS SAID LATELY ABOUT SELF AWAKENING, but what is it we need to do exactly? We need to wake up to the fact that what we are, have always been, and cannot help but be is pure Awareness. We need to fully realize that we are not the self-image we have of ourselves, we are not our body, nor our thoughts.

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Karma’s a Bitch

Bronte Beach

KARMA IS JUST A WORD that we all know about but few of us really understand. If we did we would be much more cautious, because Karma can be a real bitch. We are all egocentric (human) and while ever our minds are dominated by our ego, we will be susceptible to the retaliatory power Karma wields.

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Free To Be


MOST OF OUR BELIEFS ARE NOT OUR OWN, but were passed onto us by our parents, family members, teachers, neighbours, the media, etc. These beliefs are not much more than a bunch of sentences, statements and equations that we carry around with us wherever we go.

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