Changing Faces

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ALTHOUGH WE APPEAR TO BE DIFFERENT, in truth we are all pretty much the same. This is hard to discern for we all have a habit of presenting a different persona depending on the company we keep. It seems that we hide behind these false faces so as to avoid showing who we really are.

By observing yourself you’ll notice that the persona you portray at any given moment varies depending on who you’re with. You’ll become aware that you are a different person to your family than you are with your friends… and different again to strangers.

A noisy neighbour may see you as being cranky, to another neighbour you may be thought of as friendly. If the neighbours were ever to talk about you, they would be discussing two different personalities. “What a nasty person.”… “No they’re not, they’re good and friendly.”

We all act out our life’s drama constantly changing the face we present to the world. Which makes for the realization that not only do we conform to the conventions of society, but we also conform to our own ‘imagined’ self image.

 Added to that, we also subtlety change the face we show depending on the vacillating moods (happy, sad, angry, depressed) of the people we are interacting with… or when we ‘want’ something from them… or when they have ‘done’ something that we don’t like.

“Never, ever do we dare let our guard down and show the face of our true selves.”

The Japanese have a saying, “We have three faces. The first face we show to the world. The second face we show to our friends and family. The third face we never show to anyone. That face is the true reflection of who we are.”

Each of our false faces merges seamlessly into our projected persona, so we think we remain the same person….but we’re not! We are constantly changing. Do we hide behind these false faces because we’re afraid that we might inadvertently reveal who we really are, to the world… and to ourselves?..

Dan’s Quote: “Not everyone thinks about us the way we think about us.
______________And how we think about others, is not how they think about themselves.”


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