The Constant Companion


THE BIGGEST STUMBLING BLOCK to ridding our minds of the belief that we are the ‘thinker’ in our head is fear… fear of the unknown. “Who would I be if I’m not the person I think I am?” The trepidation of suspecting that we may not be ‘who we ‘think’ we are’ and attempting to find out who we truly are is daunting for if we took that step, we fear what would become of us.

Would we still exist. And if we did, then who would we be? This fear of not knowing stops us from leaving the false security of the habitual, ego self that we have grown accustomed to, the name, the body, the thoughts, the self that is so familiar to us. Like an old friend that can be nice one minute and hard to get along with the next… but better the devil you know, hey?

Fear is an all pervading, unrelenting uneasiness that lurks in the background of our mind. We fear anything that may endanger or upset the person we ‘think’ we are, including fear of loss, fear of death, fear of being hurt, physically or mentally, and we will take appropriate action to try and avoid such risks.

While ever we believe we are our body, name and ego, fear will control our lives.

We are also afraid of not living fully, of not realizing ourselves to the fullest potential, of not having enough money or possessions. We are afraid of losing the securities we have. We are afraid that the pleasures we have today we will lose tomorrow. Fear is constantly there in our minds. We may try to forget about it… We can pretend it doesn’t exist, but it is always there in the background. Fear is a constant companion in our daily lives.

To leave your false sense of identity behind and come into alignment with who you truly are takes a courageous leap of faith… but you can do it. Know that you do exist on the other side. That is an eternal, unshakable truth, so go for it…

Dan’s Quote: “The more you make your thoughts and beliefs into your identity,
______________the more cut off you are from your True Self.”


Header: A Road Train crossing the Pilbara, West Australia in a thunder storm.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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