Life After Life


TO PLAN YOUR LIFE BEFORE YOU ARE BORN means that by necessity you must already exist as an intelligent entity of some kind before birth… and vice versa, after death. So… instead of being a finality, life/death states of being appear to be on/off switch’s that separate our different physical lifetimes.

Life after death has been argued about for centuries, but as mankind continues to evolve, it seems that science is coming up with even more substantial proof that life before and after death indeed maybe a reality.

Significant testimony is emerging that having an out-of-body experience may not just be the stuff of fiction – as scientists claim to have found evidence suggesting life can continue after death.

*In the largest ever medical study of its kind, researchers spent four years analyzing the experiences of cardiac arrest patients – with 46 per cent of survivors claiming to have some form of awareness during the period when they were technically dead.

The scientists examined over 2000 people who suffered cardiac arrest. They say that they heard convincing evidence that patients experienced real events for three minutes or more after their hearts had stopped beating.

One 57-year-old man was even able to describe how he observed his own resuscitation. The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three-minute intervals. So scientists could time how long the experience lasted. Everything that he said had happened to him had actually occurred.

The patients experiences varied. Of the participants, 330 said they saw a bright light, some had the sensation of drowning, some felt separated from their bodies while others described their senses as heightened.

Estimates have suggested that millions of people have vivid experiences in relation to death but the scientific evidence has been ambiguous at best. Although many people assume that these are hallucinations or illusions, they do seem to correspond to actual events.

Much is still a mystery – but mystery is just another name for our ignorance. As we continue to evolve, we will become more consciously aware and eventually will be made perfectly clear that life is indeed Infinite…

Dan’s Quote: “We are here to re-learn what we have temporarily forgotten.”


Header: Fleurieu Peninsular South Australia.

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  1. I am a soul, a point of light, I am immortal, I am not this body, but this body is my vehicle to express myself. I am the being, of human being. I the soul take rebirth as another human being. Many children remember their past births upto the age of 5 ish, before they start to forget. Child geniuses, the soul carries its, traits, personality from birth after birth.

    The body dies but I the soul take rebirth and through rebirth as a human being I have forgotten I am a soul, a point if light energy, that I am peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy.

    A non scientific view point

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