Delusional Causes

Sunset over lake at longreach

WE LIKE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT WE THINK IS RIGHT. Some of us become crusaders, proud of our speeches, our marches, our protests in which we champion what we believe is the right cause. We say, ‘I know what is good for all, so follow me as an example of what is good, true and proper.

That can put a cloud over the individual’s own life and of everyone else, because there’s no greater burden than deciding what you think is right, your cause, your method, your position and forcing it upon others. That’s delusional, that’s awful to take the stance that ‘I am right and those who think differently are wrong.’

When a person takes a position, a crusade, a social cause, when they do that, they can always find other people who will join them because many people have the same herd mentality and there will be, by the law of averages, enough people who select the same cause for their own ego-gratification.

So that now, a person who is the most persuasive says, ‘Here is what is right, we’re apostles of goodness,’ will be joined by other followers of the same mind-set and pretty soon you have an organization, you have a crowd, you have an out of control mob.

That mad mob down on the street corner smashing shop windows and stealing TV sets, (which has nothing to do with their so called ‘right cause’) are saying this is what is proper behaviour, this is good for us to do, we have a right to do this because of the way we’ve been treated in the past and other accumulated falsehoods?

Choosing your own sense of virtue and rightness therefore, is nothing but self-destruction. Not only that, if you choose what is right and show your choice by protesting, marching, arguing, fighting and complaining, you’ll never feel right, ever, you’ll never feel good about it at all. You can’t, for there will always be another perceived cause to protest about…

Dan’s Quote: “With all our skills and technology we have come a long way
_____________from our caveman days. And yet we still kill each other.”


Inspiration for this post came from New Life Foundation by Vernon Howard
Header: Sunset over the Billabong, Longreach, Queensland, Australia.

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