Mental Catch-Up

Cairns marina

OUR PHYSICAL EVOLUTION is doing just fine, but our mental evolution, well, it’s not doing so good. Catching up depends on you. The difficulty is the ego. It has no intention of progressing past it’s ingrained fight or flight survival mentality. The problem is you fully identify with the ego as being who you are.

You think you are your name and body, your thoughts, your emotions, so it’s very difficult to look upon the ego as an ‘it’ that is separate from you. But that’s what you must do. You must become aware of ‘it’ and that ‘it’ tends to take what you read, see and hear as gospel, for to blindly believe anything restricts your growth.

Accept any new innovations that comes your way without trying to analyse them, for it can only be the ego that’s doing the analyzing. That’s the difficulty when trying to learn something new. The ego doesn’t want to learn anything new, for newness threatens its very survival.

The ego survives by living in the past and the future (which is just a copy of the known past), its two safe havens. Newness is to be avoided at all costs. You cannot combat the ego’s control over your mind with intellectual reasoning or analysis either. It cannot happen that way,

Compulsive thinking is just another way for the ego to stay in control, because all thought is conditioned, it can only repeat the past. You need to stop the ego’s influence over you in another way. You must quieten your noisy, thinking mind and become consciously aware of how you are reacting to life Right Now.

With insight you will realize that the ego has no substance, it’s just a thought pattern in your mind. So, if you can stop your compulsive thinking, you will stop the ego’s dominance over you. Does that sound too difficult? It’s not really. But you can’t force it to happen.

By becoming aware how unnatural it is to always be on the defensive, which doesn’t mean that you should do the opposite and be on the offensive either because with insight you will understand that they, like anger and fear are both the same emotionally and one is just as unconscious as the other…

Dan’s Quote: “Searching for one’s self is the journey of a lifetime.
_______________Life is what is happening in between.”


Header: Peaceful marina, Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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